Suhani Pittie and Swarovski collaborated to bring the feel of nature and tribe together

There is nothing that can match the smile voltage of women buying jewellery. And what glory and fun would be experienced by a female jewellery designer seeing and wearing her work. Here we are talking about Suhani Pittie, Jewellery designer Suhani Pittie is known for her innovative layouts. Her name is not simply a fixture in the fashion and celebrity circuit. She is the one who is featured on the list of the 10 most ingenious jewellery designers on the planet. Now it is amazing to hear that Suhani Pittie and Swarovski are collaborating to create stunning and innovative jewellery. Their collection has focused on the latest ongoing trend: the tribal theme with organic elements and motifs to it.

It is wonderful to know that two big brands are collaborating to bring something extraordinary in the fashion world. “The collection is tribal themed at the beginning but if you look closer, then it includes contemporary motifs aesthetically paired with organic themes.  A collection to create something refreshing and aesthetically pleasing. The collection is aesthetic of tribes such as the Banjaras and Dongrias. Hefty hoops and metallic chokers which is running fashion trend. You can scroll through our gallery and check the collection.

The collection includes designs interspersed with crystals made by Chris Bangle for Swarovski to add an understated touch of sparkle. If you are looking to add new pieces you will discover lots of options to pick from this collection. All the designs are having some relativity with nature. Leaves and floral patterns are used to make jewellery look amazing. Jewellery makes your look a bit more classy and elegant. We hope that collaboration will be a successful one.

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