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Suits are extraordinarily the best attire a man can carry. It transforms the entire intensity of the look and goes well, irrespective of the occasion and place. In an office, formal meeting or personal occasion, you stand out like a gentleman every time you dress in it. But in suits there comes three piece suits which give you the best fit and blow everyone’s mind looking at you. You are at the right place because I will give you the best options. Three piece suits look stylish and are in current fashion trend too. The new style gives your modern and youthful feel. Three-piece men’s suits are comprised of a single-breasted jacket, waistcoat and trousers, which are all made from the same material and lining. Three-piece suits create a single, unbroken stretch of suit fabric from the ankles to the shoulder. The smooth drape of the cloth gives your body a handsomely balanced appearance that makes you look like you just stepped off the fashion runway. You definitely look well dressed and hot! if you want to top the list of stylish men in any wedding or function. So, here is sophisticated fashion choice which you can pick.

1. Blackberrys light blue colored three pieces elegant suit with waistcoat

Price: 7, 196


Buy it here:


2. Next Charcoal Textured Suit: Jacket

Price: Rs 8990


Buy it here: !2992!3!79366981209!!!g!!&ef_id=VpSjHQAAAIev6-xn:20160206094739:s



Price:  2,490


Buy it here:



Price: 3390


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5.Van Heusen suit

Price : Rs 14,999


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6. Next Dark Blue Textured Suit: Jacket

 Price; Rs 8990


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7. Park Avenue Men’s Slim Fit Suit



Buy it here: http://www.amazon.in/Park-Avenue-Mens-Slim-8907251130994_PMDH02705-B6_38_Dark/dp/B0148SFNII/ref=sr_1_59?s=apparel&ie=UTF8&qid=1454757709&sr=1-59

I hope you liked the pieces I picked from the best brands. These colors and designs are suitable for every occasion and place. Pick yours according to your budget and choice. I will love to hear your comments and tell me which of the above is your favorite!

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