We all are aware of, and have acknowledged the inclusive brand, Fenty Beauty, and have admired new releases without having coin in our accounts – I suppose that’s the beauty, and curse of social media.


Fenty have lately released a bunch of new shades in their Stunna Longwear Fluid Lip Colour. The first shade they launched was “Uncensored”, a colour that was the perfect universal red. And me, being a person who prides herself in red being their signature colour, picked it up. And I agree, it definitely is a universally flattering red. I’ve had friends with varying skin tones carry it off – and so well!

stunna 2
Stunna – Uncensored
stunna 3
Stunna – Uncensored


So when Fenty came out with new shades, your girl HAD to pick at least one up. Because lets be real, I couldn’t have bought all of them at the same time. I chose to go for “Uncuffed”, which is a rosy mauve colour, and ofcourse the formula is already obsession worthy, and the colour beautiful.

stunna 6
Stunna – Uncuffed
stunna 7
Stunna – Uncuffed


The other colours that Fenty dropped are as follows


  • Unveil – a chocolate brown colour, which, as Elle Beauty rightfully put, is the ultimate 90’s brown lipstick.
stunna 4
Stunna – Unveil
stunna 5
Stunna – Unveil
  • Unbutton – categorized as a Peachy Nude, some people feel that this colour tends to make them look a little washed out, and may not be as flattering as one would like.
stunna 8
Stunna – Unbutton
stunna 9
Stunna – Unbutton
  • Uninvited – a smooth black, THIS is the colour I really want to get my hands on. Now, it has to be noted that I’m not a wearer of black lipstick out in the open. I just like owning one so I can wear it any time I’m feeling frisky (lol) I’ve read that Uninvited isn’t fully opaque in one swipe, as the rest of the colours, which actually makes sense because not everybody would want to go full goth black, they’ve been given the option of building it up as they see fit.
stunna 10
Stunna – Uninvited
stunna 11
Stunna – Uninvited




Give it to me quick:

A weightless, 12-hour liquid lipstick with a soft matte finish—born in a range of head-turning shades that look incredible on all skin tones.

Tell me more:

When life’s all about taking risks, wearing liquid lipstick shouldn’t be one of them. Enter Stunna Lip Paint: The love child of high-impact color and low-maintenance longwear—now in a range of head-turning shades that’s got everyone’s name on them. Each shade was hand-picked by Rihanna and created to look incredible on everyone.

Equal parts class and sass, Stunna Lip Paint goes from zero to 100 in one stroke of its lip-defining precision wand, making it easier than ever to dress your entire pout in show-stopping, soft matte pigment. Its serious 12-hour hold is so weightless, if it weren’t for the non-stop compliments, you’d forget you were even wearing it. And if that weren’t enough—Stunna Lip Paint won’t feather, staying kissably smooth. In other words, it behaves so you don’t have to.

Fenty Beauty is 100% cruelty free.


The Stunna lip colours are legit pretty long wearing. You can go all day with them on, and they don’t budge or crease, and have a soft matte finish. There is some transfer, but not the kind where your lips end up looking like one of your orifices (excuse the fact- I tried to be as subtle as I could be) It doesn’t make your lips feel dry, and I really like the unique applicator- although you have to be careful! The applicator picks up a LOT of product, so don’t get clumsy. Also, you might want to start learning how to take a compliment – cuz you’ll be getting a lot of them. Guaranteed.


In closing I’d like to say- Rihanna DID THAT!

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