If there’s one thing I love about my foundation routines, it is the addition of a liquid glow product. My favourites include the MAC Strobe Cream and the Gleam Elixir by Henaa Hainaa Beauty. So it’s obvious that Nykaa Beauty’s latest item is a little attractive for me. It’s a liquid highlighter called, “Strobe & Glow.”


Meet the ultimate glow creator! Nykaa Strobe & Glow Liquid face highlighter instantly creates that stunning, blinding gleam that we all crave. Never sparkly or sticky, just pure luminescence is what you get with these magic drops. Moreover, the highlighters are enriched with gilded pearls to exude that ever-coveted, natural, lit-from-within glow. Additionally, the product is proudly vegan, and the formulation is not tested on animals, just on a bunch of glow getters.

Nykaa Beauty Strobe & Glow
Source: Brand/Facebook
  • Lightweight formula
  • Easily blendable
  • 3 highly pigmented shades
  • Dropper applicator for controlled usage
  • Suits all Indian skin tones

There are a total of 3 of the Strobe & Glow babes.

  • Gold Mine
  • Glazed Bronze
  • Blushed Moonlight

Apply these to the high points of your face, and top off with a powder highlight for insane glow goals. Furthermore, for an overall glow, mix a couple of drops with your foundation. The addition of the glow product not only lights up your face, but also dilutes the actual foundation itself. As a result, it leads to easier application.

The Nykaa Beauty Strobe & Glow liquid highlighters retail for INR 699 each. Shop them here.

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