Star Potion – Because Not All Oils Are Created Equal

Glam Glow, the conqueror and retainer of clear skin, has a product in it’s line that isn’t a mask, and isn’t makeup. But, as familiar to the brand, is revolutionary on it’s own. The Glamglow Star Potion is a powerful liquid charcoal oil which clarifies the complexion and protects skin from pollution with antioxidants while it nourishes.



With two types of charcoal, Turmeric and Aloe Vera TEAOXI®, Vitamin C, Salicylic Acid, and oleic acid-rich oils, it transforms from black to clear to smooth and protect. Ideal for use day or night and perfect after any GLAMGLOW® treatment.


I happened to stumble across this product on Nykaa, and I was elated to see it. (not so elated when I saw how much it costed lol) But in the name of clear skin and my loyalty to everything Glamglow, I bought it.



Apart from the price point, what saddens me about the Star Potion is that it doesn’t come in a glass bottle. (I mean WHAT) Sure, it’s great for travelling since it won’t break and spill (which might cause your heart to ache a lot more) but WHY NOTTTTT. For the coin that I’m throwing away, I want bougie ass packaging.




Shake well before use. Apply 2-3 drops to freshly cleansed face and neck every morning and/or night. Massage evenly in circular motions. Follow with moisturizer if desired. Perfect after any GLAMGLOW® mud treatment!


Moving along, the Star Potion is a black coloured oil which turns transparent on application. Although the label says that you can use it day and night, my suggestion is that you use it only at night since the oil sits pretty heavy on the skin. So even though you might see all these fancy makeup artists applying it prior to makeup, DON’T. Unless you want to – whatever floats your boat.



The ingredients in Star Potion combine and work their magic to give you clearer, smoother skin overtime. Charcoal is fantastic for sucking out the gunk from your skin, and all this time desi grandmas have been stressing about how good turmeric is for your skin, you know that this product might just work for you.


If you really want to get your hands on the Star Potion oil, find it here.

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