Can’t stop, won’t stop. Fenty Beauty is on a roll – and a good one at that. The beauty brand is all geared up to drop a bunch of newness for Spring 2019, and all of it looks really good! Just yesterday, I spoke about the new STUNNA lip paint – UNLOCKED. But of course, RiH wouldn’t be giving us just one.

In addition to UNLOCKED, Rihanna’s brand is bringing two more gorgeous colours to the table.

UNDEFEATED – Sultry purple
UNATTACHED – Bright Coral

For the unaware, what is STUNNA?

A weightless, long-wear liquid lipstick with a soft matte finish—born in a range of head-turning shades that look incredible on all skin tones.

With the upcoming launches, the STUNNA range will become a happy family of 8. Below are the rest of the shades, in case you were wondering.

  • UNCENSORED – The first child, a perfect universal red
  • UNVEIL – A chocolate brown
  • UNCUFFED – A rosy mauve, and a favourite of mine, other than UNCENSORED.
  • UNBUTTON – Peachy nude
  • UNINVITED – A smooth black, and something I would very much like to own

STUNNA Fenty Beauty


However, new STUNNA lip paints aren’t the only things coming to stores near you.

Fenty is also dropping two new shades in the KILLAWATT Freestyle Highlighters. We got to see a bunch of new ones in the CHILLOWT collection last year, but ain’t nothing stopping Queen RiH.


What is KILLAWATT, you ask?

Weightless, long-wear cream-powder hybrid highlighters that range from subtle dayglow to insanely super-charged in solos and expertly paired duos.

Similar to STUNNA, the KILLAWATT range will also have 8 members, once the new ones are launched.

WATTABRAT – 3D Baby pink shimmer
CHILLZ – Iridescent baby blue shimmer


Previous shades in the line are

  • TROPHY WIFE – 3D Hyper metallic gold. And also the shade that catapulted the KILLAWATTs.
  • METAL MOON – Mega-fine white gold pearl
  • LIGHTNING DUST / FIRE CRYSTAL – Soft pearlescent sheen / Super-charged pearlescent shimmer
  • MEAN MONEY / HU$TLA BABY – Soft champagne sheen / Super-charged peachy champagne shimmer
  • GIRL NEXT DOOR / CHIC PHREAK – Soft pink sheen / Super-charged peachy pink shimmer
  • GINGER BINGE / MOSCOW MULE – Soft copper sheen / Super-charged copper shimmer

KILLAWATT Fenty Beauty

The new KILLAWATT and STUNNA are set to launch on February 12th. So if you want to give your boo a “subtle” hint at what they should get you for Valentine’s Day, now’s your chance!