The sports luxe trend has seen designer brands take on the brand and adapt it into a true balance of sports and luxury. People once thought the combination was ridiculous, however, the individual components have complimented one another, creating a stylish and comfortable look. We have come up with a guide to the new sport luxe for men trend to get you through!

Jeans Out, Joggers In 

 Even though joggers were commonly associated with sports, youths and casual wear, designers have adopted the brand and tailored them. This means that you’ll be moving away from the cuffed styles and moving towards a style moves you away from the stereotypical designs and looks. With an introduction of new fabrics, labels have taken grey joggers to another level, meaning you are matching functionality with luxury, and style with the ever-changing and evolving streetwear.Sport luxe for men _ Style Gods

Shirt or T-Shirt? 

Joggers are the foundation of your outfit, so now that you have it, it’s time to move onto your next choice in sport luxe for men. Shirts and t-shirts are a staple of the sports luxe, as your smart outfits can now incorporate baggy tees, colourful prints, as well as muscle fit, minimalistic tees. The concept behind the trend means that you can mix and match different fits, in order to create a lucid, yet luxurious outfit.

Sport luxe for men _ StyleGods



 When you create a sports luxe outfit, your jacket is effectively what ties it all together. Jackets can provide you with a statement, or trademark piece to add into your sports luxe outfit, which doesn’t mean you should be lazy. Build around your jacket, utilise it as a statement piece and purchase something that seamlessly fits into your outfit choice but stands as a statement compared to the rest.




 Footwear is incredible important when it comes to a sports luxe outfit. The adventurous will wear shoes, whereas others will find a smart, casual balance. Try and match your footwear with what you’re wearing, so if you’re moving towards a smarter style, shoes are perfect, but if you’re looking for something that is smart/ casual, trainers, canvas or pimsoles are an ideal option. Again, it is all about experimenting and taking your outfit in the direction you want it to go.

7-Ways-to-Sports-Luxe-Your-Sweats-BannerJust choose your style which supports your functionality.

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