When I saw the new campaign photo for Kim Kardashian’s upcoming collection – i. was. Shook! The reality star looked unrecognizable, and downright stunning in the shot for her Sooo Fire collection coming out in a few days. Dressed in an orange and red corset, with platinum blonde hair, dark brows and a lit matchstick in her mouth, the infamous Kardashian looked, can’t believe I’m going to say it, SOOO FIRE! *insert multiple fire emojis*

But aside from the hair and the brows (which I’m living for, honestly), one thing stands out from all the rest – her flamey orange lids. Now that is a colour we’ve never seen the nude-lover wear, and we’re stanning super hard.

KKW Beauty Sooo Fire
Source: Brand

Kimmy is still reeling from the massive success of her body range, but she obviously has no plans of letting us keep our money. The new line takes inspiration from Kim Kardashian’s favourite emoji – yes, you guessed it right, “?”.

Taking to twitter, the mogul writes, “I wanted to create something that was fun, and completely different than what we have done before. I’m so excited to see all of the looks you create.” This is perhaps KKW Beauty’s most colourful collection till date. Sure, it doesn’t contain rainbows, but if you’ve followed Kimmy K, you know this is a lot of colour.

The Sooo Fire line entails

  • A 10-pan shadow palette
  • 3 eyeliners (a bright gold, toasty amber, and shimmer bronze)
  • 3 lip glosses (a shimmer pale pink, vibrant coral, and gold-flecked burgundy)

After the amount of colour we’ve seen over the past month, and our never ending love for neutrals, this orange themed line is everything we want and more.

And there’s something even cooler than the entire collection. Apparently the PR package for KKW Beauty’s newest line comes with a matchstick and a striking surface – so you can light it up. For real!

The new collection drops on the 19th of July, on kkwbeauty.com.