Softwear. Software. Get it? Hence, the updating.

Pun aside, blushes are the new items launched recently by Lime Crime. Known for their liquid lipsticks, especially Trinket, Lime Crime is the label that gives you uncompromised color and longevity.

Hence, when the brand announced that they were dropping blushes, everybody cheered in unison.

Say hello to the Softwear Blush. Download color and upload shine.


Download virtually weightless color

[Ctrl + Alt + Delete] chalky harsh blush! Download our new Softwear Blush in the blendable and buildable soft matte finish. Give cheeks a natural layer of color in a flash without a glitch!

The new cream-to-powder formula is virtually weightless and never oily or sticky like liquid or gel blush.

  • Choose from a world wide range of color in 12 soft matte shades.
  • Give cheeks a long-lasting natural layer of color in a flash without a glitch!
  • Wear alone for a diffused airbrush look.
  • Create your own blush duo when you layer with glow finish shades for added depth and dimension.
  • Simply scroll over cheeks with fingers or blush brush application for pigmented pixel-perfect HD cheeks.
  • Light velvety orchid scent.
lime crime softwear blush
Courtesy : Trendmood

Upload dimension + shine

[Ctrl + Alt + Delete] sticky liquid blush and oily blush. Upload weightless filter-like dimension with new Softwear Blush in our Glow finish.

It’s a long-lasting cream-to-powder blush that highlights without blocking your skin’s natural radiance.

  • You can wear alone for a glowing retouched look.
  • Choose from a world wide range in 6 sheer tones that pop off the screen.
  • Simply double tap over cheeks with fingers or blush brush application for pixel-perfect HD cheeks.
  • Create your own blush duo when you layer over any of the Softwear Blush Matte shades for added dimension.
  • Light velvety orchid scent.
  1. jpg – Warm Lavender (Matte)
  2. Pixel – Baby Pink (Matte)
  3. Digital Peach – Warm Pinky Peach (Matte)
  4. Dark Web – Bright Berry (Matte)
  5. ai – Vibrant Pink (Matte)
  6. Wifi – Warm Terracotta Peach
  7. Zip – Soft Petal Pink (Matte)
  8. Gigabyte BB – Neutral Blush (Matte)
  9. Firewall – Sunset Orange (Matte)
  10. Hotspot – Fir Red-Pink (Matte)
  11. Hyperlink – Warm Pink (Matte)
  12. Java – Cocoa Contour (Matte)
  13. Megabyte – Mellow Lime (Sheer Glow)
  14. Cyber – Warm Bronze (Sheer Glow)
  15. Anthurium – Soft Peach (Sheer Glow)
  16. Virtual Orchid – Cool Lavender (Sheer Glow)
  17. Download – Peachy Gold (Sheer Glow)
  18. Flash Drive – Cool Pink (Sheer Glow)
lime crime softwear blush
Courtesy of Brand

Shop the softwear blushes on the Lime Crime website.

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