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When it comes to not wasting your beloved beauty stuff, the way to go is to ALWAYS purchase either travel size stuff, or minis. That way, in case you ever forget about them, you won’t hurt yourself as much if they expire and aren’t full sized. (has happened to me SO many times, I can’t even tell you) Currently, I’m on a mission to hit pan and finish my lipsticks ASAP, because the Lord above knows my finances. Likewise, Nykaa Beauty have answered prayers by launching their very popular So Matte! lipsticks as minis.

While there were already 10 shades in the So Matte! Minis line, the brand has upped the number to 20. The collection includes a variety of shades with differing undertones – so you can find what works for you!


Give a radiant touch to your whole look with Nykaa’s So Matte! Mini Lipstick collection. Experience the same plush, pigment rich formula in Mini Version so it becomes a staple in your bag! The formulation delivers flawless coverage and assures precise application for a perfectly contoured pout. The creamy formula gives your lips a great matte finish. So up the ante with a sophisticated finishing touch to set off those glamorous evenings!

  • Smooth texture!
  • One stroke application
  • Subtle shades to enhance your natural lip colour.

The moisture rich Vitamin E extract assures soft, healthy, natural lip shade to ensure your lips stays matte-smooth all day.

So Matte! Minis
Source: Brand
  • Naughty Nude
  • Cinnamon Crunch
  • Spiced Cabernet (new)
  • Taupe Thrill
  • Caramel Margarita (new)
  • Bon Bon (new)
  • Racy Rose
  • Devious Pink
  • Beachy Peachy (new)
  • Bare Minimum
  • Mulled Wine (new)
  • Cranberry Sangria
  • Sugar Plum Martini
  • Wicked Wine (new)
  • Notorious Red (new)
  • Scarlet Siren
  • Regal Ruby
  • Trusty Rusty (new)
  • Dirty Peach (new)
  • Totes Natural (new)
Nykaa Beauty So Matte! Minis
Swatches Of The New So Matte! Minis / Source: Brand

Each of the So Matte! Minis retail for INR 199. You can shop them on the

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