Bitmoji has become the apple of the eye for business since 2020. Are you on the list?

Bitmoji is the magic word for your business. As 71% of your online audience are up there surfing content (all the time). So, to make the most of it without any single penny wastage. You need to endure Snapchat marketing strategy for your business. They have coined the word ‘Bitmoji’ that has pushed an all-new expression-form when online (i.e. social media). For instance, you must have recently seen a big-faced chirpy animated girl. Over the leading social media platform. Peeping behind the post and urging you to create one for yourself. That is Bitmoji. One can have their own Bitmoji by choosing preferences based on styling, face type, eyes, dressing, and more. This is an interesting form to call the attention of your audience.

Bitmoji gets coin by a Snapchat Marketing Campaign

When encouraging online marketing, the Snapchat marketing strategy has come a long way. In entertaining and keeping the audience abreast with the brand’s avatar. By keeping the mobile-centric scenario on top, Snapchat bought Bitmoji from Bitstrips. This has got a long-lasting effect on the minds of the audience. Bitmoji efficiently allows users to create a virtual form with its assistance.

Indeed, such images have become customized sketches of the users. It has helped users to stay connected with the brands that are using for a personal greeting to introducing pop-culture initiatives.

You may find this silly, but this hugely reciprocates to your audience.

So, if you want some fun over your social media presence, Bitmoji will do it all.


How favorite Bitmoji been for Your Audience?

With the heed of Snapchat marketing strategy, Bitmojis have able to strike a chord in the minds of your audience. Nowadays, people want fun while they spend time online. Bitmoji helps them to experience a virtual look in a much interesting way. Additionally, it also helps in creating his/her avatar without fail or chances of distortion of his/her looks. You can even use it to assemble various comics, expressions, GIFs, and reactions which can use it in your chats with others, emails.

Now, Facebook was one of the instances where users all across the globe have been able to create their Bitmoji. This has allowed brands to curate unique animated sketches of their products and services which welcomed more appreciation from their audience. In a similar response, Pepsi Max and Taco Bell have also got their Bitmoji style to upscale their audience reach.


How important are Bitmojis for your online audience?

8 million stories have been implemented by brands that are using avatars for their audience. With technological advancement, brands are taking heed of this social media app to entertain and stay connected with their audience at large. This a simple personalized creation of cartoons over the platform, one is deemed to stay connected with an online audience for a longer time. Through the advancement of Snapchat marketing strategy, Bitmojis have come up to the scene. But before this, emojis have handled the grip by allowing the user to show the emotion with the text message that shows happiness, laughter, sadness, cry, and whatnot. Bitmoji is similar to the lines of emojis. Even an advanced form.

Bitmoji has maintained a communication link between a user and the business very carefully. Through simple yet colorful stickers, the motto is to get anything across from a serious message to a hilarious response.


Why Fashion Brands are Investing in Bitmojis?

Fashion is the world where experiments and new things are always welcomed. So, why not Bitmojis? Fashion brands have been very lucrative while they use Bitmoji for their user/audience. Keeping tap from global scenario presently, virtual assistance is the major player in handling everything in one go.

Bitmoji fashion allows its audience to enjoy an upper hand to dress their avatar or the animated version of the person to get decked with new trendy designs. This becomes applicable for both male and female audiences who can make a selection from over 35 new, a free outfit that is all included in the app. When it comes to the app, it is conjointly developed according to the rising designers of the industry. This includes Tanya Taylor and Joie and not to forget high-end labels Bergdorf Goodman, Daine Von Furstenberg, Rodarte, Michael Kors Collection, Zac Posen, and lots more.

It is also interesting to add here that W Magazine has joined the Bitmoji fashion takeover with curated styles by Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs, and Alexander McQueen. Bitmoji will continue helping with the design for future wardrobe.

The Snapchat marketing strategy has come up by introducing a 3D body tracking feature. This will help the user to try out accessories, dresses, shows, and other fashion-related materials with ease. Here, the user will get a chance to virtually try out fashion and change through Bitmoji features.

Edward Enninful, Fashion and Style Director of W Magazine said, “Style and social media are both about self-expression and our collaborations with Bitmoji approaches fashion in a fun, and playful way”. He added, “We’ve curated some of our favorite pieces from the fall runaway and I’m excited to see how our readers infuse their personality into these looks”.

Benefits of Snapchat for Business

When it comes to adding the benefits of Snapchat for business, here are important points to add on.

Easy to connect with younger generations: Ohh yes, there is no doubt that the Snapchat marketing strategy aimed to attract younger lads. Because through in-house research it has been seen that 82% of Snapchat users fall under the bracket of 34 years old and younger. And chances are you can’t reach out to this set of audiences through another platform. But, keeping heed with Snapchat, is possible.

Allow users to interact with your brand: With ongoing Snapchat marketing campaigns, you must provide a smooth and interacting channel for your audience to connect with your brand. Snapchat helps your audience to reach out and even shop with an all-new ‘chat’ button on the left-hand side of the home screen.

Be well-convincible and let your brand be playful: Not that it is but obvious that if your audience hail from the younger generation. Your brand’s message cannot sound serious and old. It should be chirpy and colorful. Snapchat is all about it. Many of the features from Snapchat are specially designed to create a lighthearted, cheeky yet creative audience.

Snapchat is Real Fun!

Choose Bitmoji (according to your expression of your text) and send it to your concerning person. No explanation is needed. Yes, it is so simple and straight. Adorned in colorful and soulful animation, you can use it for your family, friends, or even business (in the most interesting manner).


Snapchat enables tons of fun as there are a lot of discoveries in it. Snapstreaks and stories add time pressure that makes kids feel like they have to sign in. If you ever see that kids are getting pressurized under the content, it is wise you step in to assist them.