Henna, or mehndi, as it’s popularly known, is the keystone to every desi function that ever existed. Personally, I have an aversion to it, so I chose to forego it even on my wedding (shocker, I know.) Whereas there are people like my baby sisters who deck up their hands and arms to others’ weddings. (Something I’ll probably never understand. But hey! People should get to enjoy what they enjoy.)

And when it comes to the festive season, what better way to get into full celebration swing than blinging out your hands/feet/arms/legs? While a lot of people will be opting to go full bride mode, we’ve got a bunch of pickers for you if you want to go simple. Hence, for the similar reason, find your simple henna inspo/aesthetic below.

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Aesthetic Henna Tattoos

Henna “tattoo” is probably the most anglicized way to call a henna/mehndi design. However, switching up the name doesn’t change the actual process. If you’re about the minimal aesthetic, skip out on the full hand and feet cover, and get strategically placed designs painted on. Whether they’re a floral pattern, or geometrical prettiness, there’s a lot of inspiration out there. Find a how-to on mehndi designs below.

Skip The Nail Henna

I’ll be honest. This particular simple henna trend has been my favourite. I LOVE seeing bare nails with henna hands – there’s something intensely gorgeous and aesthetic about them. Opt for French tips or lather on your fave nail paint for festival days. Either way, LOVE.

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Whites Instead of Blacks

The inception of white henna is the probably the best thing that has happened to the mehndi front. I first noticed this trend when a popular Dubai henna artist used the same at an event with Huda Beauty. And the very first word that popped into my head was “gorgeous”. If you’re a trendsetter, skip out on the black henna and apply white. Choose from Arabic mehndi design inspo below. And this particular trend works even if you opt for a simple henna design.

Finger Drippin’ Good

For a lot of people out there, there is nothing as daunting as henna everywhere. For those of you who want to dip into henna, but don’t want the full package, you have the option of just decking up your fingers. The result? Aesthetically pleasing henna designs that look as fantastic as the chick with the full arm of bridal mehndi. The collage below is your perfect simple mehndi inspiration for the whole year!

Colour, Colour, Colour

Probably the trendiest henna tip of 2019 is the addition of colour in your designs. Ladies, you can still stay on the traditional henna path, and yet maintain your millenial streak. Get your cones out, and all the glitter!

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Bridal Mehndi Designs

Bridal Mehndi designs for hands are very popular thing for the brides and particularly it is for the Brides of India. Brides are all super conscious about there dress as well as the mehndi designs.
All Brides want the color of their mehndi to become dark when they wash their hands or feet. Bride’s designs differ from others. Some of Brides wants the designs of Mehndi applied half of their hands. (Palm to Elbow) and some of them wants the designs of mehndi applied on the full arm.

Bridal Mehndi DesignsAs it is some brides wanted that the designs of their mehndi on feet are very heavy and some of them differ from others. Those who did not believed in the heavy designs just believed in that the simplicity is the best policy. But in the end the Brides are all wanted applied the beautiful designs on their hands and their feets, Because Mehndi increases the beauty of the hands and feet.

Arabic Simple Mehndi Designs

Arabic simple Mehndi designs for hands are very famous throughout the world. Basically the Arabian mehndi designs are very diverse and antique looking. Arabian mehndi designs usually consist of some flowering designs and some are leaves shapes and there are present many of spaces around the hands where the mehndi designs are applied. Arabian mehndi designs are actually the Persian style mehndi designs. It is very popular in the Gulf countries like Dubai, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Egypt, Pakistan, and last but not the least Saudi Arabia.Arabic Simple Mehndi Designs

If you decide to pick up simple mehndi inspired from this post, be sure to tag Style Gods in your #henna posts so we can admire your pieces of art along with the rest of the crowd! Oh, and happy Diwali and Karva Chauth in advance! 😀

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