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Sidharth Malhotra and His Hoodie & Joggers Combo is Game

Sidharth Malhotra

Sidharth Malhotra knows how to sport hoodie and joggers with added patchwork

Sidharth Malhotra today, is a decade Throughout ‘Student of the Year’ away in the Sidharth Malhotra. He has matured too fast–both in terms of his on-screen existence and his sartorial adventures. But he wasn’t as elegant as what he is today, although we are not saying he had back style-babysitting then. Plus, he enjoys his principles more than anything. But there are infinite ways. Which is great, because Mr. Malhotra has finally been made conscious of the fact. Examine the most ordinary combo of a hoodie with joggers, shining glowing like a standout outfit on Sid Malhotra.

Simply said, the patchwork on the outfit is sealing the deal to get us here. And the simple fact that the aesthetic is currently trickling through the outfit, is your bonus. If this isn’t a hoodie joggers place for selecting the pieces that he’s sporting.

Patchwork’s pieces that are heavily motivated by some futuristic Aztec tribe, have monochrome a red parts of text in them, embroidery. They are put at a secure distance from one another. (PS: Some are stitched too close to each other, however they seem great anyway)

But can we talk about the fit here? The shoulder line of the hoodie is resting on the ball and socket joint. Simply terrific! However, you’re unsure of carrying an total hoodie and joggers combo such as Sid–just do not wear it. Kidding! Wear it, but not all at once!

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