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Now that the summers are officially here there are two things on the mind: summer is around the corner which means no woolens and lots of tanning. But the best part about summers is that we get maximum chances to experiment with different colors and styles. But there are still some problems which still remains there like tanning. We can wear sleeveless tops and dresses but when it comes to the travelling we need to protect our body especially our arms from tanning and for that we need jackets or shrugs.
So, what is a shrug? Shrug is a fashion fad or an accomplice to your cover-up act?
Well according to me shrugs are perfect as style toppers over any outfit. A lighter version of cardigans, shrugs fall across the upper back and can be either long or cropped. For your lazy evenings, you could fall back on your shrug to conceal those signs of indulgence and keep warm. Knitted shrugs resemble the shrunken form of a sweater and are mostly made from heavier fabrics like cashmere, silky mohair to novelty yarns. While a well-knit shrug can keep you warm and ensure you look chic with any outfit, shrugs in cotton, lace or sheer are suitable for light, breezy days. 
So, this summer rejuvenate your wardrobe collection with contrasting shrugs without compromising on shape while dressing. A must-have item in your wardrobe, shrugs comes in a variety of styles, fabrics and colours that pairs well with all your apparel. Here are a few trendy looks that you can work out.



Price : Rs. 4560.62

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Price : Rs. 2500

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Price : Rs. 4560.62

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Price : Rs. 650

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Price : Rs. 1350

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Price : Rs. 1494

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Price : Rs. 1645

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Price : Rs. 4560.62

Buy it here : http://www.nastygal.com/clothes-jackets-coats/run-wild-fringe-shrug-vest–black




Price : Rs. 654

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Price : Rs. 2445

Buy it here : http://www.jabong.com/top-shop-Geometric-Print-Kimono-1598127.html?pos=10
Complete your dressy ensembles with long or three-quarter sleeved toppers; sleeveless options work well with layered getups. Grab these dazzling shrugs this season and enjoy the latest trends.
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