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Men’s shortened pants were called knickerbockers, knee pants and short pants in the late 19th and 20th century. These were baggy pants that reached below the knee or tight fitting trousers that ended at the knee. For men, these pants came into existence during World War II when soldiers stationed at tropical areas were given short trousers. After the war, shorts started getting identity as a specific uniform for sports and recreational events. They were not worn outside athletic activity and were not a fashion item like today. These garments as a comfortable casual summer wear started gaining popularity in the 1950’s with celebrities and trendsetters influencing the idea to consider them as normal clothing and not as clothing for young boys only.
Shorts are now getting acceptance as a seasonal wear for the cool comfort they offer. During recreational activities shorts are suitable than pants which may hinder the free movement of legs. This association was born from the concept that it is not ideal for men to reveal their legs. In many countries it is not widely accepted for men to wear shorts because of the same reason, and one who wears it will be considered as a fellow tourist.
As shorts are a lesser-worn piece of men’s wear, many are in doubt of choosing the right one according to length, fitting, pattern and style. So, in this article i’m going to share with you the best shorts available in the market and which are in trend nowadays.



Price : Rs. 1790 



Price : Rs. 1494



Price : Rs. 1996



Price : Rs. 1990



Price : Rs. 1990



Price : Rs. 719



Price : Rs. 1669



Price : Rs. 1559



Price : Rs. 809



Price : Rs. 1559



Price : Rs. 1819



Price : Rs. 1369

A quiet day at the beach, or a lazy long walk in the evening, the perfect attire to wear is a cool pair of Shorts or a classy pair of 3/4ths that can keep you comfortable in any sort of warm weather. So, grab these super stylish shorts this summer and enjoy this season with full comfort.

Grab any of the above as per your choice just by clicking on the picture.

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