When I first read about face shaving, I was as skeptical as a desi in a dollar store. I had multiple questions, concerns and a whole lotta confusion. But when I finally took the razor to my face, I was super satisfied. And super addicted.

Shaving your face isn’t as scary as it seems. I’ve been removing peach fuzz for over 2 years now, and I can safely say that you should be too. I’ve recommended this to siblings, to friends and to everybody I know. And while they’ve had similar concerns, they’ve turned out to be pretty satisfied with the results too.



I understand that shaving sounds like a scary predicament. However, it’s pretty easy! Trust me.

  • Start off by washing your face and patting it completely dry.
  • Don’t apply anything to your face!
  • Grab a straight razor – it’s the best thing for this purpose.
  • Pull your skin slightly upwards (towards your eyes)
  • Do small downward strokes holding the blade at a 45-degree angle.
  • Be light handed – you don’t need a lot of pressure.
  • Repeat action all over face.
  • Hydrate your skin afterwards. I always like to give it another wash to get rid of any hair that might be sticking onto the face.
shave your face
Credit: SheKnows
  • DO NOT shave on wet skin!
  • Avoid moles and breakouts.
  • If you’re still wary, try some place which isn’t all that obvious first.
  • It’s best if you don’t use your leg razor.


To be absolutely honest, if you have minimal hair, this isn’t something you NEED to do. Rest assured, once you’ve done it, you won’t be able to stop. Especially when you notice hoe flawlessly your makeup goes on. Glide, baby, glide.

The most common question I get is, will hair grow back thicker?

Personally, I haven’t noticed the same. The thing is; when you shave, the blade cuts your hair making it a sharp edge. Naturally the tip of a hair is the finest part – it’s pointed so that it can make its way from the hair follicle through layers of skin. When you shave, the regrowth of the hair with its new blunt edge makes it feel as though it’s thicker and looks darker, but really, it’s not.

PSA: If you have sensitive skin, you might be susceptible to razor burn. Do a patch test first!


Will you be shaving your face? Or are you not ready to take the risk just yet? If you’re not convinced with the DIY version, you can always go for professional dermaplaning.

PS: I get my razors from Forever 21, or Mumuso. You can also purchase them from Nykaa.com.