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According to you which is the most popular accessory for men? The answer is obvious – sunglasses. A pair of sunglasses enhances your charm and appeal at a go. But apart from being a fashion accessory, sunglasses also serve a purpose of protecting your eyes. Also, do you still think that sunglasses are just meant for the summer months – think again. As you may feel less heat from the winter sun, but don’t be fooled. Those trendy sunglasses you bought last summer are just as important now. The sun’s rays can still do serious damage to your eyes. Susan Taub, MD, assistant professor of ophthalmology at Northwestern University School of Medicine in Chicago says that “People don’t realize that just because the sun isn’t as intense or as hot, they need protection ” also according to her anyone who spends long hours outdoors needs sunglasses so as to protect their eyes from harmful rays and heat. “In reality, people need sunglasses all year long”.

Don’t worry guys, this article is not about the the science of eyes. I am here to help you choose the best of all sunglasses. Also, if you’re looking to stand out from crowd this season, why not consider a statement pair of  Trendy Sunnies?

The most challenging part is in finding a perfect pair of sunglasses. So, here are few sunglasses from the best brands available in the market, which will not only protect your eyes, but also make you look dapper.


1. Black Brown C4 Wayfarer Sunglasses by John Jacobs



Price : Rs. 6995

Buy it here : http://www.lenskart.com/john-jacobs-jj-4417-black-brown-c4-wayfarer-sunglasses.html?omniIndex=0


2. Blue White Grey Gradient C2 Wayfarer Sunglasses



Price : Rs. 7350

Buy it here : http://www.lenskart.com/tommy-hilfiger-th7951-blue-white-grey-gradient-c2-wayfarer-sunglasses.html?omniIndex=2


3. Black Purple Gradient 001 Wayfarer Sunglasses by Calvin Klein



Price : Rs. 7016

Buy it here : http://www.lenskart.com/calvin-klein-ck-4195s-black-purple-gradient-wayfarer-sunglasses.html?omniIndex=35


4. Matte Black Blue Gradient 053 Wayfarer Sunglasses



Price : Rs. 6353

Buy it here : http://www.lenskart.com/calvin-klein-ck3160-053-sunglasses.html?omniIndex=13


5. Wayfarer Men Sunglasses by Ray Ban



Price : Rs. 5790

Buy it here : http://www.lenskart.com/ray-ban-0rb4171-622-8g-54-wayfarer-mens-sunglasses.html?omniIndex=125


6.  Dark Brown Green Sunglasses by Ran Ban



Price : Rs.7461

Buy it here : http://www.lenskart.com/ray-ban-rb2140-size-50902-dark-brown-green-sunglasses.html?omniIndex=208


7. Matte Black Blue Gradient Wayfarer Sunglasses by Ran Ban



Price : Rs. 4290

Buy it here : http://www.lenskart.com/ray-ban-rb7059-62024l-size-55-sunglasses.html?omniIndex=15



1. Golden Natural Green Polarized Aviator Sunglasses



Price : Rs. 6990

Buy it here : http://www.lenskart.com/rayban-rb3025-001-58-polarized-aviator-large-metal-arista-natural-green-size-58-sunglasses.html?omniIndex=49


2. Matte Black Silver Reflector Mirror Aviator Sunglasses by Ray Ban



Price : Rs. 6490

Buy it here : http://www.lenskart.com/ray-ban-rb4201-size-59-622-6g-sunglasses.html?omniIndex=25


3. Golden Multicolor Green Aviator Sunglasses by Ran Ban



Price : Rs. 6792

Buy it here : http://www.lenskart.com/ray-ban-rb3025-size-55-172-sunglasses.html?omniIndex=31


4. Sky Blue Gunmetal Grey Gradient Aviator Sunglasses by John Jacobs



Price : Rs. 2495

Buy it here : http://www.lenskart.com/john-jacobs-jj-3320-sky-blue-gunmetal-grey-gradient-c3-aviator-sunglasses.html?omniIndex=20


5. Golden Green Silver Reflector Mirror Aviator Sunglasses by John Jacobs



Price : Rs. 2495

Buy it here : http://www.lenskart.com/john-jacobs-jj-2219-golden-green-silver-mirror-c5-aviator-sunglasses.html?omniIndex=30


So, these are few of the best sunglasses i have spotted for you, also do visit these websites as they have a huge variety of sunglasses which are worth buying. And as i have mentioned above that sunglasses are one of the most popular accessory among men, so grab these amazing sunglasses and complete your look.

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