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As more and more women are getting into their skincare routines and taking care of their skin, brands are coming up with different products to help them fight with skin issues due to pollution and disastrous climatic change. The basic routine starts with cleaning your face, dirt and minute particles that accumulate on our skin. So, scrubs are the one which performs maximum of their work in exfoliating the dust and are the most effective product to improve your skin texture and damaged caused due to dirt and pollution.
Scrubbing is an easy way to make the skin clearer, smoother and free from the impurities which are deep set. Scrub used 2-3 days a week can instantly improve the quality of the skin. A scrub, when used regularly, removes blackheads, whiteheads and hardened sebum from the face. Scrubs help in removing the deep set impurities in the blocked pores and make the skin a lot smoother. Do remember to apply a good moisturizer after scrubbing your face this will help in retaining back moisture of the skin.
Here is the list for the best scrubs available in India:
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Price: Rs 572
Buy it here: Natio Young For Oliy Combination Skin Polish Pore Unclogging Face Scrub, 100ml
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Price: Rs 97
Buy it here:   Garnier Skin Naturals Pure Active Apricot Face Scrub
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Price: Rs 326
Buy it here: Plum Grape Seed and Sea Buckthorn Mild Foam Scrub
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Price: Rs 155
Buy it here: Aroma Magic Mineral Glow Scrub
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Price: Rs 263
Buy it here : Oriflame Love Nature Face Scrub – Aloe Vera
Here are few face scrubs which are best for summers 
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