Hello ladies,

From the time summer approaches, we spend our time hanging out and enjoying with our friends, clubbing and working all day long, so for this we need to make sure that we smell good. A good fragrance is what makes you appear lively.Something, that’s light and airy, and don’t have a too strong smell and this is the reason why I prefer body mists for all day long fragrance during summers.

I bring you some of the most preferable body mists with smell like a dream.

1.The Body Shop Moringa Body Mist

This is one of the Bath&Body works’ best selling body mists. It smells like a flower but fresh at the same time, and it can last up to six hours on your skin.


2. Victoria’s Secret Sheer Love
You can never go wrong with Victoria’s Secret body mist, especially sheer love. Trust me, it will make you fall in love with it.


3. Rituals Happy Mist3379-013379_HappyMist

All Rituals products are amazing, but this one is definitely our favourite. It is a yummy body mist that smells like oranges.


4. Bath&Body Works Malibu HeatpBBW1-23571605enh-z8

The smell of Malibu Heat is really divine. If you like the smell of coconut, pineapple juice and tanning oil, then this is the perfect body mist for you.


5. Forest Essentials Rose and Cardamom Body Mist


The combination of rose and cardamom is just out of this world and it will soon become your favourite once you start using it.


6. Nike Pink Body Mist


Nike has always been a good option to look out at. No doubt, it smells pretty good.

Therefore, indulge yourself with true fragrance this summer that keeps you fresh all day long.


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