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When it comes to  traditional elegance and ethnicity, SAREES are one of the best options to go for. Sarees are counted among those ethnic outfits that can never go out of fashion. Capital of our country do not miss any chance to bring cultures and happenings from different states of the country on one platform and this time it was the ethnicity and elegance.
Alliance Francaise is a hub of exhibitions and this time it was ‘The Saree Festival 2016’. The Saree Festival is an attempt to create an ongoing tribute to the “most wondrous, most addictive pehnawa”. Me and Ayushi went to cover ‘The Saree Festival’ for readers on our website and this was the best platform where we can show the variety and heritage of our country. Although the venue was not fancy and huge but still the setup was quite impressive with a pleasant aura filed with so many colors and of-course the traditional music was absolutely mesmerizing.  We met so many designers who were showcasing their talent and heritage with their latest collections. As we discussed about their creations, we came to know about so many fabrics and weaving techniques which we cannot spot in our markets easily, which is quite obvious as they belong to the roots of our vast cultural heritage. 
Although some of them showed a little less interest, but most of them were friendly and explained us everything about their inspirations and the techniques they have used to create their designs and the most interesting thing that happened was that two of the designers actually agreed to share their latest collections with us, so that we can write and share their collections with the rest of the viewers. As we all know such creativity can only be seen on rare occasions.


saree festival

The Saree Festival is all about the pervasive love affair with the drape and bringing together the vast richness of styles, materials, traditions, techniques, experiments, vocabularies, sensibilities, that can all achieve fruition under the never ending swirl of the Saree.



 The event took place on 15th of April 2016 and ended on 17th at Alliance Francaise De Delhi, 72, Lodhi Road, New Delhi. It was conceived and curated by Red Earth, the festival was a tribute to one of India’s oldest traditional outfits and gives a platform to all the weavers and contemporary designers across India to showcase their work. The exhibition was focused on sarees of different styles: contemporary as well as traditional to showcase the vast diversity of the country. There are two aspects to the festival, the first being the Saree Mela, an exhibition-cum-sale, and Saree Ka Gunijan Khana, which focused on the theory and practice of saree weaves.


The basic idea behind organizing this event was to experience the widest collection of sarees showcasing the wide range of fancy sarees, so as to give you a great opportunity to experience the show and also helps you to connect and interact with the experts and professionals of the industry. The show also brought together the professionals and experts of the industry to connect and interact with each other and to showcase their wonderful and excellent designs, quality materials and products created by them.
The Saree Festival showcased the products and services that included all types of sarees: Handloom, Silk, Embroidery, Georgette, Cotton, Organza, Embroidery, Ribbon, Stone, Bead, Applique, Paint, Sequin and Thread work, Unique designer wear sarees, Batick, Made up sarees and Pleated sarees and other.


Although the venue was small but there were so many designers with their latest collections and they were fabulous. I never came across such beautiful sarees in Delhi. I will introduce you, all the designers who were present in this festival to showcase their latest designs inspired from their culture.


  • Angikam / Kalamkari sarees, blouses & more
  • Galang Gabaan / Odisha tribal weaves
  • Kyra by Nina and Deepika / Resplendent festive Sarees
  • Pankaja / Odisha weaves re-interpreted + blouses
  • Pariah / Assameese Sarees, mekhala chadars & blouses
  • Pratham / Handwoven and printed linens
  • Resha by Medhavini / Natural dyed block prints
  • Roliana Banaras Splendour / Innovating with the Banarasi tradition
  • Slice of Bengal / Heritage Bengal handlooms
  • Svang / Woven in Bengal


  • Turquoise by Nanu Puri / Precious and semi-precious jewels
According to my experience the idea of organizing such events is really good as it gives us a chance to celebrate womanhood’s charms in the most graceful garment there ever was and to set the tone with the finest selection of sarees from across India. 
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