Sanjay Garg Latest Collection is an inspiration for a modern woman

Sanjay Garg is a fashion designer who is known for giving unique gest to his outfits. He is one of those fashion designers who believe in presenting delicacy through his outfits. He designs contemporary handwoven textiles by creating a balance. Raw Mango is his website where you will find uniqueness and class which probably most of us were not aware of. The designer has now completed 10 successful years in the industry. Sanjay Garg latest collection in a frame where he has tried to re-create saree in a form which a modern woman will love to wear.  Just scroll our gallery to check some of the designs from his collection.

This year, he will present only one collection of these amazing sarees. “If you look at my ‘Vana’ collection, it was very pastel, every day, and I thought, why not look at how flora and fauna look at night? That was the thought behind the Midnight Collection. Things are exactly the same in the dark as they are in the light, but you tend to perceive them differently,” he explains his ideology behind the line in vogue interview.

The garments in this collection aim to bridge the gap between textile and fashion, and at the same time blur the categories of traditional and modern, old and new, past and present. There are deep blues, dark greens, charcoal greys, lights greys and black which make the collection classy and sassy.

Fashion has to reflect who you are and its all about comfort and style. Enjoy the contemporary style which gives you a classy and elegant look.

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