Sabyasachi Collection 2018 just went viral on social media and created a ground-breaking buzz all around

When one thinks or talk about brand Sabyasachi, things that automatically comes in mind are best combinations, colours, craftsmanship, and elegance from his amazing collection. The designer has very closely observed heritage and that is how the brand has connected us with heritage fashion for several years. Sabyasachi collection 2018 described his style as ‘personalized imperfection of the human hand’. From being the known designer to the best designer, with his work he has created a special place in every woman’s heart. From a would-be bride to the best Bollywood designer he is known for creating the best magic in name of outfits.

He has drawn most of his ideas from his surroundings and his childhood. Kolkata’s scenic backdrops and imprints that have left a never changing impact on his mind is what comes through beautifully in all his creations. Traditional and very ‘Indian’ is his style and he makes the most of it. Just check out the glimpse of all his collections launched in 2018.

Sabyasachi Collection 2018: An Endless Summer

Sabyasachi released his Spring-Summer 2018 collection, ‘An Endless Summer’, exclusively on Instagram on 22 Feb 2018 and to say that was gorgeous will be an understatement for his summer collection. This entire collection was all about effortless chic being the buzzword, the clothes are lighter, brighter, measured and sophisticated. Read more about this collection here.

Sabyasachi Collection 2018: Le Club De Calcutta

There is no comparison when it comes to the elegant bridal collection of the most beloved designer in the industry and every girl’s desire, Sabyasachi. Every outfit of this collection reveals telling a different story. His bridal collection will take you back to Paris-Calcutta circa 1923 with the unapologetic lustre of its sequin-clad society ladies. Every single piece in this collection has both very traditional and modern elements. Read more about this collection here.

Sabyasachi Collection 2018: Sabyasachi International Wedding Line

Talking about his brand is and will always be a pride because his all the collections are known for his Indian heritage textiles, textures and motifs. The designer has flourished not only in Indian but is also known for his global collaborations. This International Wedding Collection was a luxury retail chain with Lane Crawford, Hong Kong. He opened doors to a whole new world of couture gowns which were delicate veils, flapper style and more. Read more about this collection here.

Sabyasachi Collection 2018: Kesribai Pannalal

Sabyasachi collection 2018 is designed to bring back indigenous crafts that were dying due to industrialisation. So while you ogle over the beautiful lehengas and stunning jewellery, do take notes because this was a big hit for bridal looks this year. This year collection includes bridal lehenga lavishly hand-embroidered with silk-floss and beaten silver thread and studded with semi-precious stones, beads and pearls. Read more about this collection here.

This was his new and an open way to bring everyone’s focus on traditional clothing. And let all the would-be-brides fall in love with their regions and traditions in a new and elaborated form. A Sabyasachi wedding lehenga is a dream for many brides-to-be. Deceptively sexy and downright amazing Sabyasachi lehengas you ’ll want to wear beyond your wedding. Because who can resist a little Sabyasachi lehenga inspiration.

These gorgeous Sabyasachi lehengas would make any woman feel like a modern-day princess. From a traditional take to modern look his collection will never fail to impress any women of this planet.

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