After making its way to every women’s heart, Ruh Collectives is now making its way to Net-a-Porter

A religion major with an interest in fashion and technology is looking to provide women with a label that represents their true self. Sonia Trehan is all set to give a new vision and mission to her luxury brand, Ruh Collectives. The brand is a next-generation womenswear brand championing a private sense of identity in a time of overexposure. But now after being in the fashion industry so long the brand wants to take a step further for brand lovers by finally making its way to Net-a-Porter.

RŪH releases five product assortments a year, titled “chapters”, that relate to one another through an evolving narrative. Rejecting the impermanence and exhibitionism of our digital age, the label upholds the sanctity of mystery and thoughtful beauty. The label’s style ethos is driven by crafting items that are uniquely personal with an intellectual twist. A common thread of sophisticated materials, rich colour palettes, and an obsession with proportion and detail unite these creations as a luxury for any women on this planet. Just scroll down our gallery and check out the amazing collection of the brand.

“I struggled to find a brand that spoke to the part of me that wanted to be intellectually engaged with style. Rūh is a reawakening to the idea that style can be private, an escape from the pressures of digital exposure and social validation,” said Sonia Trehan.

Any women would love to explore the brand’s collection as it’s refined yet conceptual and challenging. The collection is so subtle and soothing because every woman needs clothes which would say something compelling about her. It’s time when you should start your shopping with this amazing brand.

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