Why be nice when you can be RUDE?

Rude Cosmetics was founded in 2016 with the sole purpose of offering cutting edge, high quality products at comfortable prices.

The brand is located in the heart of Los Angeles, California. Their belief is that makeup is the best tool to express your inner you. And they’re not wrong. For lots of people, makeup is a form of expression, including ours. Rude Cosmetics is the brand that has best selling dupes of other major brands. With a price point you can’t beat, the brand is certainly makeup with an attitude.


Yes, you’re reading it right. Rude Cosmetics is actually available on Nykaa. But if I’m not mistaken, the brand first launched on hokmakeup. It was only me scrolling through Nykaa endlessly that I noticed that it had made it’s place on Nykaa aswell.

The initial launch consists of a bunch of eye shadow and face palettes. HOWEVER, the prices aren’t exactly as pocket friendly as one would’ve hoped. (Similar story with Sigma Beauty too, which is a shame.)

Nonetheless, if you’re still interested, here’s a couple of our picks from the lot –


If you’re into a colourful vibe, (considering it’s pride month!), pick this up. Skip out on the James Charles palette, because who wants to deal with problematic people, and snag this banger.

A beautiful collection of 18 bright and bold eyeshadows that help create unforgettable looks! Perfect for a major retro look that will have you vibing all day long.


The cutest dupe of the Rose Gold Remastered by Huda Beauty, this palette by Rude Cosmetics is it’s most dramatic indeed.

Too much is never enough! That is why we have created the most drama filled palette. A magnificent combination of highly saturated and easy to blend mattes, chromes, and metallics, to perfectly fill your needs from day to night.


Put your best face forward and seize the day with Rude Cosmetics Fearless Face Palette. This palette features six shades perfect for highlighting and defining key areas of the face and adding color to the cheeks.


A beautiful range of golden and blush shades that make your highlight fantasies a reality! Perfect for unforgettable, beaming looks! Rock your glow for a subtle day look, or go for the all over highlight and become what dewy dreams are made of.

Shop the entire collection on Nykaa.com.

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