Ruby’s Organic Makeup Brand is a treasure of organic products we all have been waiting for.

Rubeina Karachiwalla is the creator of Ruby’s Organic Makeup Brand. She came with this unique idea of making this healthy brand. This required a huge struggle behind creating the concept and accomplishing the targets. But it is also important to regularly evaluate the cosmetics we use and think about swapping them. Swapping them with organic products. Chemical based products harm our skin which will soon be visible to passing time. Products are made with healing products like cocoa butter, beeswax, castor, almond and many more for health care.

Looking for natural makeup is tricky. Purely because color makeup has a water base and maybe only preserved by using synthetic ingredients. Rubeina gave her fulltime occupation in public relations. She wanted to challenge this method, and modify the way we look at beauty goods in India. Lady came across her target with the help of a research and development team in the united kingdom. Then she found her self-financed colour makeup label Ruby’s Organics that falls in line with ‘intelligent beauty’.

She was always fascinated with the beauty business but wondered whether it will be possible for her to create healthy makeup. Taking inspiration from several brands in America and Europe she started to make concepts for the products. After researching deeply she was able to invent a natural and organic variety of cosmetics products. All the products had typical synthetic suspects, substituted with natural ingredients and they actually work in same way. It is just more challenging and expensive to secure, which explains the reason why big multinational brands cannot really afford to do that.

We are proud of this initiative and Rubeina’s effort behind all this and the end result is appreciable. Do try these products and let us know about your experience.

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