This Tuesday, Rihanna’s tutorials in collaboration with Fenty Beauty focus on her Diamond Bomb – All Over Diamond Veil. Rihanna mentions in the video uploaded by the brand on YouTube that the actual product was inspired by her Kiss It Better video, where she was lathered with shimmer and Vaseline all over her body. She wanted one product that could do the same in one take, and hence came the production of Diamond Veil.



“We created this really special formula. It’s really solid, but it also feels like there is a bit of liquid, a bit of, like, a smooth creamy undertone with all the shimmer on the top”, says RiH, clearly infatuated with the Diamond Veil. She also mentions that the inspiration behind the packaging itself was her CFDA 2014 outfit (which possibly holds a place in the Hall of Fame. If it doesn’t, it should. The internet broke over that dress!)




Rihanna also talks about the versatility of the product, and how you can use it in different ways – for precise application, or all over! She uses the Fenty Beauty Face & Body Kabuki Brush, which features a custom angle design, and after she swirls the brush in the Diamond Veil, she applies it on her face and her shoulders and décolletage.



She then grabs the Cheek Hugging Highlight Brush by Fenty aka her “shark tooth brush”, and after “swirl, swirl, swirl”-ing it into the Diamond Bomb, uses the tip of the brush to apply the product onto her eyes and the bridge of her nose. She also defines the inner corners of her eyes, and goes all over her face with the kabuki brush.



Her final touches include applying the Diamond Milk Gloss Bomb to her lips, and looking like the glow queen we know her to be.

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