Instagrammer and British drag queen, Alexis Stone became the subject of global discussion when she did a social experiment on the social media app. Alexis, whose real name is Elliot Joseph Rentz worked with makeup designer David Marti to create a lifecast of his face. The result were prosthetics that made it seem like Stone had, in face, gotten intensive facial plastic surgery.

And people were HELLA convinced. The comments left on Stone’s posts reveal the inhumanity and vileness that exists within online trolls – bringing to light a continuously growing trend of shaming, harassment and bullying on social media.

Of course, it was all act. Stone believes that all of the hatred is just the tip of the iceberg. “As long as there are vile people in the world who get far in life, who maintain their positions of power and dictating beauty standards to everyone else, then people will always feel empowered to drag people online.”

Anyway, this isn’t about the experiment. This is about the fact that Alexis Stone, famous for transforming herself into different celebrities has an alliance with Revolution Beauty to drop not one, but two eye shadow palettes.


Introducing two magnetically paired palettes, created in collaboration with British artist and drag queen Alexis Stone. Build your colour base with the Instinct Palette and top your look with the Transformation Palette.

Revolution x Alexis Stone
Source: Brand

An all-in-one matte creative statement palette, with 28 highly pigmented pressed pigments. Moreoever, this palette will guide you colour by colour from red to pink, purple, grey, blue, green and yellow gradients. You’ll have the natural ability to transform your look with this palette. Intense pigment in just one swipe.

Alexis Stone says, “This palette will enable creatives to explore their imagination.”

Top tip: Load up your lids with Revolution Prime & Lock Eye Primer or Conceal & Define Concealer before application. The red in this product is vegan and contains strong pigments that may stain. Please use an oil-based remover.

Revolution x Alexis Stone
Source: Brand

Additionally, top your look with the Transformation Palette. 7 transitional shimmer shades that will transform your whole look.

Alexis Stone says, “Having built a portfolio of work and platform based on my transformative skill set it was key to put that into the products. The Instinct Palette offers a huge shade range, but the sleek extension offers a sexy touch with a multi-shimmer finish.”

Revolution x Alexis Stone
Source: Brand

Furthermore, the palettes have a magnetic pairing so you can take them together wherever you go.

Shop the newness from Revolution Beauty on their website.

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