You must have an eye on these Regretting Fashion Trends

In this running trend of fashion there are so many things which are introduced everyday. There are some of the things which are going to stay forever may be with different patterns. But what if the running trends become Regretting Fashion Trends for you. With all the hype around fashion trends and beauty hacks these days, it’s no surprise that there are some things that we might want to rethink. Here are some of them you should know about. So check is there something in your wardrobe as well which you are going to regret?? Have a look.


Moth Ate My Clothes Trend

Regretting Fashion Trends _ stylegodsThis trend is absolutely cringeworthy for all generations to come, not just ours. Something which is in fashion but not at all classy and elegant.


Powder Brows

Regretting Fashion Trends _ stylegodsYou all know what I mean when I say “power brows.” It’s those harsh, extremely dark, gradient brows that everyone thinks are the most impressive thing out there.


Crop Tops

Regretting Fashion Trends _ stylegods

This trend will probably be one of the biggest embarrassments of our generation. We get it, you’re liberated and can show as much skin as you want, but not everything needs to be a crop top.



Regretting Fashion Trends _ stylegods

Here’s another trend that’s pretty self-explanatory. This might be cute now, but I just have this feeling that in 20 years, people will look back and say, “Wait a second, is the girl on the right wearing an actual dog collar?”


Furry Shoes

Regretting Fashion Trends _ stylegodsThis faux fur obsession probably won’t last too much longer. There’s something seriously impractical about these fluffy slides. I’m sorry, but I just feel like in 20 years, people will be wondering why everyone tried to get away with wearing house slippers out in public.

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