Over, all the classy and elegant nude and berry shades I will choose a Red Lip Shade always

“Beauty, to today’s women, is about being comfortable in their own skin.” A bold red lip remains timeless for many years, gracing your lips with an original look is today’s leading lady. Red lip shades have a rage in them. It’s always on fire. A great red lip is just as much a display of personality as it is a vibrant, confidence-boosting accessory. Matte or glossy, deep or bright, a bolt of red lip shade can update your look instantly and everyone has their own opinion on which is the ultimate hue. Here are we with some of the best and trendy lip shades which you can use in your regular routine and you can go with these shade on the day out.

When I wear red lipstick, it makes me feel stronger, more confident. It makes me feel like I could be talking to anyone in the world, and I’d ace the conversation. It only takes time, and multiple swatches, until you find the right one and the confidence to work it. There are several shades of red lipstick available in the market. These include warm shades like crimson, coral, rose red, raspberry red, fire red, ruby red, etc. The cool shades include colours like maroon, wine red, magenta, burgundy, chestnut, etc. It is important to choose the shade wisely to compliment your skin tone. Most Indian women have warm skin tones. If you have a dusky complexion, then deep red, burgundy, brick red shades will work for you. For medium or golden skin tones, shades like pink red, fire red and cool red will look good. If you have a fair complexion, you can try shades like coral, peach, and rose-red.

Make a wise choice for yourself.

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