Real Techniques is the brand that rules the drugstore tools category. Whether it’s their brushes, or their coveted miracle sponges, Real Techniques has a name that’s hard to beat. Having said that, we know how beauty blender is constantly picking a fight with other brands. But due to the popularity of the miracle sponge, the Real Techniques fans continue to shut Beauty Blender down. *ouch*

Furthermore, you’ve also probably heard of how insanely popular the Juno blenders are? If you haven’t, read about it here. And thanks to the groundbreaking texture of the Juno, more brands are following suit. So is the new Miracle Powder Sponge by Real Techniques.


Real Techniques’ latest addition to its Miracle sponge collection may be the most unique of the growing sponge options out there because, this one is SPECIFICALLY for applying powder. The microfiber technology creates an ideal texture for picking up powder products, and the brand promises an even application whether it’s used damp or dry.

Real Techniques Miracle Powder Sponge
Source: Target

Unfortunately, this newbie by Real is currently available at Target stores in the US. Here’s to hoping it hits global retailers soon! I need that baby pink sponge in my kit!

In the meantime, feel free to stock up on the OG Sponge, by purchasing it through

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