We’ve talked enough about wearing makeup, this time we’ll talk about taking it off – taking it all off (sorry, I had to put that in there. I can’t say the words, ‘take it off’ without continuing it with, ‘take it all off’. And it’s not my fault. It’s due to a comic below.

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There’s multiple ways to remove makeup – micellar oils, balms, creams, wet wipes. But one of my personal favourite items is NYX Cosmetics’ Stripped Off Cleansing Oil.

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At the end of the day, it always feels good to strip off your makeup! Available in unique formula, the Nyx Professional Makeup’s Stripped Off Cleansing oil features a refreshing scent and feels amazing on skin. This is an ultra-lightweight cleansing oil that glides right on and features a refreshing scent.


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NYX Stripped Off Cleansing Oil

The fact that this contains Mineral Oil might not excite a lot of you, but unless you’re sensitive to it, don’t be afraid to lather this all over your face. Because the most sure shot way of removing all traces if makeup is by using an oil – and the NYX one gets the job done right.


It’s thick in consistency, but takes off all your makeup without working it too hard. It also emulsifies pretty easily. What I particularly love is how it smells – light and refreshing. The best thing is that NYX’s Stripped Off Cleansing Oil leaves no greasy residue behind, and doesn’t make my skin feel super dry or stretchy afterwards. I always follow up the oil with a water based cleanser, though. (it’s a ritual, don’t you pre judge me!)


How To Use: Pump out a little bit of the oil and massage it onto dry skin. Add a little water to emulsify the oil and continue massaging. Rinse. Pat dry. Fresh, squeaky clean skin! Follow up with normal routine after.


The NYX Stripped Off Cleansing Oil retails for INR 1250 (a little steep) on Nykaa.com.

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