#Vis-à-vis With Rangsutra

Coming from a colourful and culturally rich country like India I have grown up seeing, appreciating and applying the immaculate and diverse range of crafts that our nation has to offer and one such brand that proudly celebrates the effort and time of handwork that goes into these crafts is New Delhi based brand Rangsutra.

Observing and seeing the work that the brand does we decided to sit down with the founder of Rangsutra Sumita Ghose on a very open and candid conversation about what is the brand all about and how they apply the word sustainable and ethical in not just their ideology but in the physical implementation.

With empowering and celebrating the artisans who make these bright and colourful garments they also have a fair ownership of their work that they do thus result in bridging the gap between the artisans and the global fashion market.

Watch in conversation with Rangsutra:


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