Radhika Apte And Sayani Gupta Style

Radhika Apte And Sayani Gupta In BFF Look

There’s your squad and then there’s your bestie. Your partner in crime, always by your side, makes life a lot less boring and causing some serious envy on the roads is always on the list of bff’s. Bff looking almost the same or the way we carry things in the same manner just like our own Bff is something which will always make you feel good. Bollywood’s fresh crop of acting talent come Radhika Apte And Sayani Gupta —styled in the season’s coolest trends. Whether it’s matching suits or dark blooms or the perfect pair of heels, try these twinning combinations with your favorite friend.

Who would’ve thought that Radhika Apte and Sayani Gupta look so similar! For the August issue of Vogue magazine, the two divas decided to twin up. The theme under which this photo shoot took place was twinning. And they did! There are a series of around six pics that we got our hands on and they’re all too damn hot. Every one believed and trusted that Radhika Apte’s cability is briliant at her work but Sayani Gupta was a real surprise for everyone. Both the divas are looking stunning and their work is definitely which should be appreciated.

I know that after seeing their cute and hot clothes and expressions, you all are thinking that we should definitely try this with your best friend. All the designer wear are making them look exceptionally gorgeous and lively. You should also try this with your best friend before the trends changes its way to something more interesting and different, probably like you and your pet dressing up the same. Well that sounds interesting and these magazines should certainly steal my idea.

For now I am organizing a small personal photo shoot with my bff. What about you? We would like to see how far you went with all the madness and adorability. Share your pictures in the comment below and we will deliver a free hamper to the best bff picture 😉

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