Hello Ladies,
Beauty is something that must be maintained through proper care or else the gifted sheen would be lost soon. Skincare forms one of the most important parts of your beauty regime. Protection from the sun, makeup, moisturizing the skin, eye care, face massage, lip care, etc. are few things that concern every woman and without taking care of all these, you would not be able to bring out your true personality.
Ever wondered, if we take some extra efforts in our skin regime, it would make our skin more flawless. A tonic lotion is exactly what you need. It is basically a clear lotion to invigorate the complexion and to make the skin healthy.
So, below is the list of few best tonic lotions, which are designed to make your skin look flawless even when the weather is so harsh.



Price : Rs. 550



Price : Rs. 1035



Price : Rs. 550



Price : Rs. 550



Price : Rs. 1512



Price : Rs. 703


Try these amazing and effective tonic lotions for a healthy and fresh skin this summer season.