Pure Color Envy Lip Care – Baby Your Lips

Estee Lauder has just launched their newest product – lip care! The launch is named similar to it’s counterpart, the Pure Color Envy lipsticks.

The breaker of beauty news, Trendmood, put up a post on her IG, showcasing the different products in the lip care collection. Of course, the face of the brand, supermodel Karlie Kloss is the face of the campaign.

The campaign video shows a bunch of Karlies (or, Ms. Klosses), in a lip spa – and outlines the separate items. Which is actually a pretty cute ad, if you ask me.

The packaging of the collection is very pretty. Baby pink and gold hues with the brand logo, in classic Estee Lauder containers.


Baby Your Lips.

Your all-in-one lip repair formula: Revives. Renews. Softens.

Ideal with your night regimen as a rejuvenating, while-you-sleep treatment.

Or apply it anytime for an enviably revived smile.

Applies easily with the wand applicator.


Baby Your Lips.

Like a magic wand, Lip Volumizer touches onto lips with a thrilling plumping effect. Lips look more sculpted and feel moisturized and nourished.

The formula responds to your lips’ unique chemistry to reveal a hint of tint that’s perfectly you.

Applies easily with the wand applicator.


Baby Your Lips.

This hydrating balm glides over lips to deliver a burst of moisture and a hint of personalized tint.

The balm responds to your lips’ unique chemistry to reveal a shade that’s perfectly you.

Smooths and conditions for a pretty, pampered pout.

All the lip care items are priced at $32. And you can shop them at the Estee Lauder website.

Also, enjoy the campaign video down below. It’s the cutest!

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