Make Her Say ‘yes’ for Your Proposal

You can be sure of everything in your life: your education, your career, your love. But one thing no one is sure of is how to propose their partner. Some people have these grand designs but do not know how to go about it. Some have no idea what they want to do. At such times, we turn to our best love guru: the internet.

Here are ten cute and innovative ideas to propose a girl with:

  • Coffee lover proposal: Get her coffee in a cup engraved with “will you be mine forever?” in the bottom. Once she has had her drink, you’ll get your answer.
  • For the adorable nerd in her: A quidditch snitch shaped locket with “will you marry me?” written inside will her Hermione Granger to your Ron Weasley.
  • Does she like listing off things-to-do? Give her a notepad full of reasons you want to spend your life with her. Maybe she will add “Marry him” to her list.
  • Ask them to marry you in a photobooth so your precious memory is captured candidly for everyone to see.
  • Do you love going to new restaurants together? You will need help from the staff of the restaurant to pull this one off. Ask them to give her the menu, only for it to have “will you marry me?” written in it. Finish the question with a ring. You can find gorgeous ring designs in gold for females or gold pendant designs
propose a girl
Melorra designed ring
  • Is she a fan of “The little mermaid”? All you’ll need to pull this off are a beautiful beach and a gorgeous ring. Propose a girl saying “will you be Ariel to my Eric?” with the ring inside a shell. We need to stick to our theme. Trust me, there is nothing more romantic than a fairytale proposal.
  • Is she a fan of nostalgic memories? Then help her create one! Take her to the first place you went on your date and pop the question. No muss, no fuss!
  • Does she like a little adventure? Then give her a treasure hunt on a special day. Leave in little notes for her to find with clues ending up with the beautiful ring you got for her.
  • Prepare a gift card. Not something you got in stores, but something you prepared with your own hands. Attach a key to your home in it along with the question “will you hold the key to my heart forever?”
  • Record a video saying all the things you love about her and end it with your question. Send it as a timed message and be with her when the video plays. Look for her reaction and put a ring on her finger.

All these ideas may sound very cute and doable. But one needs to do a little spy work to understand what their girl likes. At the same time, don’t go too out of your own character to propose. She fell in love with you. Of course, she will love something that is so you. Make sure you both have the idea of marriage in your minds before you propose your girl. Good luck!

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