Product Review: Total Control Drop Primer

One of the keys to getting your base right, and having makeup last all day long is a good primer. And when I saw that Nykaa had a sale on the NYX Total Control Drop Primer, I knew I had to get it.


Not to prime is a crime when it comes to Total Control Drop Primer, our lightweight drop formula that beautifully preps your complexion for foundation application. This feather light, easy-to-move primer dries down to a soft, velvety matte finish and creates the perfect base for your Total Control Drop Foundation. Like, totally.

The weightless and breathable formula also feels as if it disappears into your skin and leaves your face with a fresh, healthy-looking glow.

Total Control Drop Primer


  • Ensures that your makeup stays in place longer.
  • Provides a smooth canvas for the makeup to go on.
  • Keeps the makeup from creasing, smudging or fading.
  • Ideal to be used with NYX Professional Total Control Drop Foundation.

I happened to try out the primer last night. And here’s what I think. The consistency is funny. Since I use a lot of more viscous primers,using a runny one felt weird. But that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work. I didn’t see much of a difference at first. So was it gimmicky? Not at all.

Total Control Drop Primer

Once the primer settled in, and dried down, my skin felt SUPER soft. Almost felt like I had applied liquid silicone. It wasn’t as pore-filling as I expected it to be, but it wasn’t bad either.

Although I am yet to test out how the Total Control Drop Foundation works with this primer, I am pleasantly surprised otherwise. The skin feels smooth and matte. The foundation doesn’t stick to dry patches, and lasts pretty matte.

But perhaps one of the best things about the primer is it’s ability to be worn alone. The primer leaves your skin with a healthy glow, so you can fake it till you make it.

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