It’s been a hot minute since Dominique Cosmetics placed it’s foot in the beauty industry. Founded by YouTuber and beauty guru Christen Dominique, the brand’s first product ever was an eyeshadow palette. That too, inspired by Christen’s love of coffee – The Latte Palette. A few other palettes and a bunch of lip stuff later, the brand has introduced it’s first ever face product.


Christen Dominique is famous for her makeup skills, so it’s no surprise that her brand decides to drop a face palette. Packaged in a stellar 3D-esque prismatic component (very eerily similar to the Lunar Beauty Moon Prism Highlighters), the palette looks gorgeous.

A prismatic beaming highlight palette the can give any highlight effect. For a fresh dewy glow or a blinding glow that will shine in any light. This palette includes 1 cream highlight and 3 buttery blinding highlight powders.

  • Skin Gloss: Hydrating Cream Highlight that blurs pores and dries down for a non-sticky velvet finish. You can also prime with this all over the face.
  • Golden Hour: True Golden metallic powder highlight
  • Fire Glow: Rose gold to bronze metallic shifting highlight powder
  • Pink Haze: Iridescent Pale gold to pink shifting highlight

Wear the shades alone, or mix them all together to create a glow that can be seen from space. Dominique Cosmetics might be available soon on Sephora, but until then, shop from the brand’s website.

The Prisma Glow Highlighter Palette retails for $36.

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