Popular Fashion trends of 2020

Fashion trends are always changing. Some of them are repetitive and some comes as a fresh start for that particular year. While there are trends which last only for one season, but there are some which last throughout the year.

So let’s discuss some of the Popular fashion trend

Puffy sleeves


Puffy sleeves are here to stay. You may also call them as Victorian oversize sleeves.  During summers you can opt for soft colors, these 80s puff sleeve looks – it’s a style that keeps coming back!

Polka dots


It’s a classic print that will be around forever.  For all those  people  who like patterns but don’t want anything too out there, dots are definitely the way to go. You can pair them up with boots in winter and bare look sandals in summer.

Colored leather


Leather was largely seen in runway this year. Leather in different forms like Bermuda shorts and different colors was to be seen. Though summers are not the right time for leather but this was  another ’90s staple/ trend that just got a fresh upgrade.



We have a big fashion trend this year and it’s called a pleated skirt. I understand some of you may say that its an old fashion, but girls this fashion has comeback with a bang and not only this box pleats have also made their entry this year.  We find many fashionistas appear on the streets wearing these eye-catching pieces.



Summer has come and it’s time for shorts. And the best part is that sorts are in fashion these days. I know, the days are hot, but at least we can wear some clothes that are ideal for hot temperatures. I think Shorts is the most beautiful and functional garment that can be worn from beaches to parties, without any drastic change. Also, there are so many wonderful and creative ways to wear in your everyday life.



These are the most genius design you could possibly buy yourself. Jumpsuits are one-piece silhouette which can flatter any body type and can be paired with everything from sneakers to booties. They are the most versatile pieces that work for vacation, travel, nights out, and beyond. 

Denim Skirts


This time runway brought back another fashion from 90’s and it is the denim skirt. They are very much popular both as mini and midi skirt. Denim skirt can be teamed up with different blouses, T-shirts, crop top and cardigans. The dark wash maxi denim is perfect for date night. You can  try denim-on-denim or dress it up with a blouse.

Buttercup yellow


After classic blue another famous color on the runway this year was buttercup yellow. It is such a color that brightens up any day—a walking ray of sunshine. Also this pastel shade of yellow is one you don’t want to miss and create many versatile fashion outlook with this. It work wonders with many.

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