Pop On A Nude Lip And Strip Down With MAC

If you were to ask me what my favourite nude lipstick of all time was, I’d say “Velvet Teddy” without missing a beat. I remember when I went out to hunt for it in MAC stores back in 2015, and it was sold out everywhere! Thankfully, I managed to get my hands on it eventually – and it has known nothing but love since. So of course, we all know that nobody does nudes better than MAC.

Naturally, when we heard that MAC was going to drop even more nudes, we were hella excited! MAC has a pre-existing ginormous line of lipsticks. But that has never stopped the brand from racking up from new launches and limited edition collections. In fact, cult lipsticks like Velvet Teddy, Ruby Woo, Mehr etc are constantly being sold.

So what exactly is in this new collection of nudes, titled “Strip Down”?

MAC Strip Down
Source: Brand

MAC’s Strip Down collection brags an expansive lien of nude lipticks and lip glass – so there’s something for everyone. Apart from their previous nudes, the brand brings in SEVENTEEN new lipsticks, and seven new lip glasses.

The new lipsticks are as follows –

  • Bosom Friend – sheer pinky nude
  • Oh, Yes Baby – grapefruit pink
  • Bare Bling – light beigey nude
  • Leave Me Breathless – light beige with gold undertones
  • Pink Power – light nude pink with pearl and pink undertones
  • Act Natural – light greyed nude with gold undertones
  • Love You Back – muted nude with pink undertones
  • Feeling Myself – mid-tone caramel nude with gold undertones
  • Smoked Almond – bright rose brown
  • S’ Sexy – mid-tone brown nude with gold undertones
  • Bad N Bare – mid-tone cool nude with gold undertone
  • Kinkster – mid-tone olive nude with gold undertones
  • Good Form – nude with warm undertone
  • Derriére – dirty brown with gold undertones
  • Consensual – deep brown with gold undertones
  • Double Fudge – dark warm brown
  • Move Your Body – deep brown with grey/gold undertones

The lipsticks come in the usual black and silver packaging we all know and love. Additionally, they come in a variety of finishes – matte, satin, lustre, frost, amplified and cremesheen.

The lip glasses –

  • Showing Skin – light greyed pale nude with gold undertone
  • Primordial – sandy nude with gold undertones
  • Fashion Punch – mid-tone peachy nude with gold undertones
  • Love Nectar – warm peach with gold pear
  • Dangerous Curves – mid-tone nude with gold undertones
  • Low Cut – deep chocolate nude with gold undertones
  • Pretty Peppa – warm bronze with gold pearl

The MAC Strip Down collection has already launched in the US. I honestly can not wait till it pops up here in India!

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