Pond’s Beauty – Their BB Cream & The Big Breakthrough

What we’re going to talk about today is something that has gained a lot of traction in the past couple of years. Especially, gaining a lot more screen time last year, when Fenty Beauty showed the world how it’s done.

And what pisses me off immensely is when I see a country, where there is a HUGE range of skin tones, cater only to a particular demographic. Because, quite tragically, in our culture, you get negative points for not being fair AF.

This is a psychology that has conditioned our society. That unless you’re fair, you can’t achieve anything in life. You won’t get that job, or that promotion, and nobody will marry you. It’s taught on television, through advertisements and TV series. It’s something we witness everyday – at weddings, at get togethers, and even in the matrimonial section in newspapers.

So when I saw a particular carousel for Pond’s BB cream, i. lost. It.

Apparently, the brand had a brightening breakthrough – they now have 2 shades of their BB creams instead of one.


Wow. Talk about achievement.

What I fail to understand is why people think having a melanin deficiency is a good thing? And that it makes you a person worthy of respect, and not otherwise?

The ideology that your face, your pits and your pubes have to be fair AF is…horrid.

This behavior isn’t limited to Pond’s by the way. Nykaa Beauty also have their range of complexion products, and they cater to the same demographic. Have these people ever travelled the country? Or sat on google, for that matter?


  • Helps regulate melanin production*
  • Hides spots instantly and brightens skin for a natural glow**
  • Offers sun protection, and prevents skin darkening***
  • Gives you an even skin tone with a natural finish


*how? WHY?

**You mean, a plastered white glow

***What would we do without you, Pond’s?


I could go on and on about this. Because even though I am the demographic being catered to, it annoys me to see my friends and my family not finding things that work for them.

Plus, all of you who think that if a bride is wearing a matching foundation, she is “too dark”, go f*** yourself. You’d rather have a whitewashed person than a human being boldly flaunting their beautiful skin. You, my friend, are the problem. You are the reason that women suffer from self-doubt, and self-depreciation.


So repeat after me – ALL SKIN IS BEAUTIFUL!

Be sure to remember that the next time.

(and you thought this was going to be just another review, huh?)

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