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Plus Sized Models: Big and Beautiful Rock the Indian Ramp

Plus sized models

Plus sized models run the ramp and the industry at Lakme Fashion Week 2017

Plus sized models: The audience may look up to slim and slender as the ideal body for women models in the fashion industry just as society prefers fair skin over dark. The Indian ramp saw some beautiful, bold and confident models who mute the critics with their attitude.

Plus size fashion has rapidly grown in the last few years. The fashion world has finally made a way for ‘curvy’ and ‘plus size’ style—creating a balance for body diversity. With such a growing market, many brands and designers have been driven and are now offering bigger sizes. Another development made by such labels has been replacing size tags like 2XL, 3XL by numbers like 2 and 3, an initiative to break stereotypes based on tags and sizes. Even with such a growing market for curvy and big sized people, there has been a lack of ‘body positive activists’ on platforms like fashion shows, movies and even many brand campaigns in India.

Plus sized models

This shifting culture in size has plenty of room for growth on many platforms. Filling one such void, Lakme Fashion Week is making a constant effort by introducing plus-size fashion shows. Last year, they presented India’s first plus size fashion show. The show was done by a plus size label aLL, where men and women were auditioned through a social media campaign. Models walked the ramp with confidence and poise—making it a big fashion moment on the Indian ramp.

Continuing with their achievement, LFW presented yet another show of this kind at the ongoing fashion week. This year, the brand aLL presented their collection in collaboration with veteran designer Wendell Rodricks. The collection ‘aLL PRIMERO’ was a mix of asymmetric gowns, swinging dresses and capes which were adorned with silver heart motifs. The show was bright with cheerful colours like orange, pink, green.

“There are so many restrictions put on plus size fashion whether there are certain colours that flatter their shape or a fixed silhouette. With PRIMERO, we’re breaking all these myths and prevailing rules and regulations,” Wendell Rodricks said in a statement.

I personally like plus sized models/women only. I find them simply gorgeous.

No matter one’s size, style is style and this show was a welcome move yet again. Here’s hoping that size inclusivity at fashions shows keeps growing.

Plus sized models

Plus sized models ae slowly gaining popuarity in the past couple of decades. With a marketplace, designers and many brands are pushed and are currently offering dimensions. Another development produced by labels has been substituting size tags such as 2XL by statistics such as 3 and 2, an initiative to break stereotypes according to dimensions and labels. Even with a marketplace for large and curvy sized individuals, there’s been a shortage of ‘body activists’ on platforms such as even, movies and style shows brand campaigns in India.

This changing culture in dimension has lots of space for expansion on several platforms. Filling one emptiness, a continuous attempt is being made by Lakme Fashion Week by introducing style displays. They introduced the first and size fashion of India series this past year. The series was performed by a size tag aLL, where women and men were auditioned via a networking effort that was social. The ramp walked with poise and confidence–which makes it a fashion minute on the ramp that was Indian.

Continuing with his accomplishment, LFW presented yet another series of the type at the continuing fashion week. The newest aLL introduced their collection in collaboration, this season. The group ‘aLL PRIMERO’ has been a mixture of gowns, swinging capes and gowns that were adorned with center issues. The series was glowing with colors like orange.