Set your own beauty trend with Playful Coloured Mascaras for your dramatic, bold and sexy eyes

Eyes are the most beautiful part and they are the one who actually interact with others without speaking. Our eye depicts our personality and so they should look wonderful. And if Planning to go out, then you must not forget using these playful coloured mascaras.

best-coloured-mascarasThese coloured mascaras are latest trend that you need to know about. Bright, colourful eyes were all over the fall 2017 runways, so it’s no surprise that coloured mascara is buzzing in the beauty world.

Playful Coloured Mascaras _ stylegodsPopular in the ’90s, this playful trend is here to keep your make-up routine bold and fresh. This pop of colour might not seem like it is for everyone, but with a few tips you can make it your own.


For a bold look, wear your favourite bright-hued eyeshadow with an opposite coloured mascara. Apply a yellow eyeshadow or green eye shadow for dramatic looks.


Girly Looks

Playful Coloured Mascaras _ stylegodsPair a light pink eye shadow with a darker pink mascara. Using a blending brush, start by applying a matte. The Madness, for a paint-like effect will what you get.


Playful Look

Playful Coloured Mascaras _ stylegodsMix things up by wearing a two-toned look. Wear a metallic eyeshadow all over your lid.Try blue mascara on top, with green on the bottom.


Subtle Look

Playful Coloured Mascaras _ stylegodsIf you love this bold trend, but want a subtler version, start by applying your usual, everyday black mascara onto your lashes. Turquoise, just on the tips of your top lashes, for a toned-down effect that still packs a colourful punch.


Sophisticated Looks 

agesFor a more professional or daytime look, try a deep purple or royal blue. air it with opaque purple eyeliner for added effect that is colourful yet still refined.

Make Your Eyes Look Dramatic In Style.

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