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Now that the summers are officially here, it comes with its own set of challenges especially for women. Personal hygiene becomes very important in this particular season of the year, and in personal hygiene one thing which is the most important among all is Perineal care. Perineal care is usually called “ Peri care.” It means washing the genitals and anal area. Peri care can be done during a bath or as a separate procedure. Peri care prevents skin breakdown of perineal area, itching, burning, odor, and infections. 
Good feminine hygiene is essential to feel fresh and clean throughout the day, but also to prevent the occurrence of vaginal infections or other problems that could affect this sensitive and delicate area. Just like overall hygiene for other parts of the body, proper vaginal hygiene requires our special attention. While women today spend a lot on their facial care, make-up and other grooming products, the very important intimate area is often neglected. Personal hygiene keeps you clean and free from infections. Similarly, genital hygiene is a must. Women needs to be more attentive towards genital hygiene as the vagina has several microscopic organisms. Maintaining vaginal hygiene also prevents the odor from the genital area. 
Like our digestive system, which contains ” friendly ” gut bacteria, our vagina also has this” friendly ” bacteria which produces an acid known as lactic acid. Not surprisingly, these ” friendly ” or good bacteria are considered guardians of the vagina and maintaining their optimum balance is the basics of good vaginal hygiene. When this acidic environment is disturbed, there is an overgrowth of bad bacteria in the genital region. Such a condition easily leads to BV or candida that can cause discomforts such as foul odor, itching, irritation and burning. 
So, today I have listed below few effective products that can help you get rid of such challenges. Try these products to maintain women genital hygiene to smell good and pleasant.

1.  Lactacyd Intimate Wash


Price : Rs. 160 for 100ml

For the women of today who need to clean and protect her intimate area, to keep away itching, irritation and odor. Lactacyd Feminine Hygiene maintains your natural vagina pH, thanks to its unique combination of natural milk Lactoserum/Lactic acid, and is gynecologically tested safe and effective to keep your intimate area free from infection, itching and odor. Can be used to support treatment for vaginal infections to accelerate restoration of normal intimate environment.


2. Clean & Dry Intimate Cleansing Foam Wash


Price : Rs. 189 for 85gm

Clean and Dry Intimate Cleansing Foam Wash Wash is the first of its kind in India. Clean and Dry Wash is part of a revolutionary range of products for feminine hygiene. It protects and cleanses the vaginal area while maintaining the necessary pH balance. The foam wash contains Aloe Vera that nourishes, vita B3 which helps in removing dullness, and T-Tree oil which protects your sensitive skin down there. It makes you feel fresh and special every day.




Price : Rs. 119 for 100ml

Aimed to cater to the problems women face in their private parts, Clean and Dry Intimate Wash offers protection, fairness and freshness. To be used while taking a shower, the lotion has a special pH-balanced formula that cleans and protects the affected area. It promises a fresher, cleaner and fairer life for women.

4. Clean And Dry Intimate Dusting Powder


Price : Rs. 79 for 100gm

This special product has significantly altered private care for women. It takes care of feminine wetness, itching, burning sensations and white discharge. This simple and effective solution starts to act from the word go.


5. Avon Simply Delicate Gentle Feminine Wash


Price : Rs. 169 for 100ml

For teenagers, skin feels fresh and is naturally protected, in pleasant scented liquid gel form.Gel based intimate wash for teenagers.Intimate wash for teens.


6. Clean & Dry Cream


Price : Rs. 71 for 15gm

It provides gentle and effective relief from burning, itching, irritation and other vaginal infections. It also fights Vaginitis. Regular application can cure Vaginitis in a week to ten days.


7. Everteen Natural Feminine Intimate Wipes


Price : Rs. 99 for 15 wipes

Free from Alcohol, SLS and Parabens. These wipes provides you relief from intimate discomfort while helping you feel fresh & clean with its mild cleansing properties. Everteen help you maintain your intimate hygiene all the time.


8. Pee Buddy Females


Price : Rs. 375 for 20 pieces

Ideal for public toilet, airport/flight toilet, hospital and medical needs, railway and metro, highways and outdoor. The product helps all females against a growing concern – UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) & other situations (specially Pregnancy/Arthritis/Outdoor Events/Shoots/Highways). Using Pee Buddy, they can STAND & URINATE in all dirty toilets/common Toilets/Outdoor shoots/Highway Petrol Pumps /Airports/Trains/Treks/Outdoor etc.

So, use these effective products and get rid of the problems caused by bacterial infections and sweating. 
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