Hey Girls!

Elegance is the only beauty that never fades.


Buzz about celebrities continues to be viral everywhere. Their attire and their lifestyle is everywhere, be it print or social media. Do not let yourself go with this fashion storm under pressure of adapting something what everyone is doing. Try to create you own signature style and set a benchmark. I always prefer to look classy rather than opting something that entirely defeats my style. So, I am experimenting more and more with pastel colors this summers and I am actually able to set a classic style statement of my own. I really want you guys to try out pastel colours this summer and flaunt your attitude via your dress because your style speaks what you cannot express in  words. Pastel colours enkindle the sophistication within you.

The pastel colours that you should definitely try on are: dusty pastel blue, subdued sage, warm mauve-y plum, milky pink, beautiful brown, taupe-y pink, pretty periwinkle, electric lilac, muted lavender-gray, sheer white and sherbet orange. List is long but fashion is not just about a day, right?

Its not only about wearing pastels but the thing is how should you wear it? Why to worry when I am here. Now, below are the given details that you should definitely keep in mind while putting on pastel outfit.

1. Neutral Colours




If you are entering the world of pastels for the first time, then keep yourself restricted to the neutral colours. Once you are all comfortable wearing it, there are a dozen of pastel colours to explore. This look makes your pastel colour pop in your outfit.




2. Monochrome




If you are planning to wear pastel for any occasion or getaway, stick to one colour throughout. It gives that spark to your look that you were longing for.





3. Mixed Pastels




Keep it in mind that mixing one pastel colour with the other in your outfit enhances your look overall because you were born to look stylish.





4. Less Accessories         




Its a thumb rule to accessorize yourself less while going for pastel outfit. Over doing stuffs can make it really boring. It makes you look sophisticated.




5. Sexy Footwear




Always make it a point to wear sexy sandles or heels with your pastle coloured outfit. Since your outfit is already simple, so why not add something interesting to it.





6. Ensemble With Bright Colours




You can also go for ensembling your pastel colour with some bright colour to get a whole different look to your outfit. This will make you stand out of the crowd.




Now, you are all set to try on pastels with great style. Wear what is trending but only after you know the right way to.

Stay stylish!


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