Oriflame Natural Range: all the way from Kanjirakolly village in Kerala to Oriflame stores

Your skin regime is a bank account good product choices are good investments. Deeply purified, skin is invigorated with extraordinary natural things will always give you a refreshing day. There’s a new buzz in the world of beauty, it is one step towards innovation and nature. There’s a ‘green’ revolution on the upswing, with a goal to create gentler, more natural products. 50-year-old Swedish brand, Oriflame, has introduced Oriflame Natural Range all the way from Kanjirakolly village in Kerala to Oriflame stores. Oriflame has launched its first ever, all-natural and environmentally-responsible range called Ecobeauty. Just scroll our gallery to see all the natural products introduced by the brand.

Like the name suggests, all ingredients in the range are natural or certified organic and contain no silicone, mineral oils or artificial fragrances. Oriflame’s Ecobeauty toner, cleansing milk, face cream, eye cream, and serum are just what your skin ask for, something extremely mild and easy. All major Ecobeauty packaging components are recyclable where facilities exist– this includes plastics, glass and cartons. Ecobeauty range has the seal of approval from organisations like Ecocert, the Vegan Society, and The Forest Stewardship Council, which means this stuff is A-okay.

Goals of the brand: “Our long-term goal is to become a fully sustainable company. This means living within the limits of our planet, respecting our environment and contributing to a fair society where everyone can prosper. This is why, when formulating our products, we strive to use natural ingredients that are in line with our strong environmental policies and are not harmful to the environment.”

“A little progress each day adds up to big results.” Natural beauty is the best one so choose wisely when it comes to your skin. Love your skin it lives, breath and represents you.

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