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I am back with a new product and its review. This time it’s a hand and body cream from Oriflame with milk and honey. I purchased this product mainly due to its attractive packaging and also the two in one factor of nourishing body and hand cream. It’s an excellent product and helps in keeping the skin well moisturized and supple. 



Price : Rs. 250

This hand & body cream is a pale yellowish in color, thick butterish but more of a gel formula, it’s light weight but very hydrating. This Milk & Honey Cream gives a cool feel to the skin upon application and therefore I think it would be a treat to use it during the hot summer nights. Although this hand and body cream does not come with sun protection and this is the reason I apply it all over my body during the night as I love to apply body lotions/cream at night before going to the bed.
This cream easily gets absorbed into the skin with a gentle massage and immediately hydrates my dry skin. This Milk & Honey Cream is non-sticky and has good moisturizing abilities but it just goes off within an hour leaving behind a luxurious silky-satiny feel to the skin. This silky feel stays on till washed off with water.  The Milk content present in the cream provides deep cleansing and intense moisturization to the skin while Honey imparts glow to the skin and also reduces scars and blemishes on the skin. Both the ingredients present in the cream are natural, quite beneficial for the skin and does not have any side effects.
What I really liked about this cream is that its very hydrating and imparts a luxurious silky-satiny feel to the skin also I think the price of this product is justified. It has a non-sticky & non-greasy formula actually it has a nice light-weight gel formula, looks like thick butter which gets absorbed into the skin easily. It contains organic extracts of milk & honey which are useful to make the skin soft & supple. The milk and honey gold cream is suitable for all the skin types and has a balance consistency which makes it usable in all weathers. It does not leave any white cast behind and does not make the skin look greasy.
Overall I am really happy with this product and the outcome has exceeded my expectations. Usually I purchase two set of creams one as a body cream and other one as a hand cream. The Oriflame milk and honey cream comes with a combination of both. This is a cream which can also be used post waxing as it helps in reducing the itchiness or any inflammation on the skin. Milk and honey helps to calm the skin and makes it soft and smooth. It’s a boon for the dry skin and I highly recommend it. Its a really nice cream for those who have dry hands, just like my hands, they are a lot dry so I need a specialized hand cream and I think I found one now. 

What does Oriflame says about the product

A rich moisturising cream which softens, conditions and nourishes and your hand and body delectably.
  • Nourishes hand and body well
  • Leaves no greasy residue over skin
  • Suites All skin type
  • Blends easily with skin
  • Controls oil
  • Heals the scars on the body
  • Deep cleanses the skin
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