Hello Ladies,
Taking care of your hair is one of the beauty essentials. You need to provide your hair with the proper nutrients. Then once they are healthy and bouncy from within, you need to style them properly to bring all the difference to your look. The way you sport your hair can make or break your look. Just straightening them or tying them into a bun is not enough. They need to stay that way in order to make you look like a million bucks. For that, you need good quality and chemical free women’s hair sprays that keep your tresses the way you want them to be for hours on end, without harming them.
There is a huge variety of hair sprays and hair mousse for women, these would include fixing sprays, finishing sprays, styling wax and what not. 
But for me, I am new to hair styling and love the idea of pretty elegant and styled hair. I have a very fine, sleek and straight hair with no volume at all. Earlier I have used one of the hair styling cream from VLCC, it was good initially but after some time it started making my hair frizzy and dry. So, I decided to try something new. The name of this product itself attracted me as I wanted “extreme volume” for my hair. It comes in a metal bottle with a push down nozzle and a transparent cap. The packaging is sturdy and neat.




Price : Rs. 398


I had no idea on how to use and apply mousse and had to look up on the internet before giving the product a try. The bottle has to be shaken well or else the product does not come out. Once the bottle is sufficiently shaken, tilt the bottle upside down and push the nozzle. The content comes out in foam form and you have you apply it on a wet hair.
The procedure of applying is to take a little amount of the foam in your comb and apply it on your hair by combing sections of hair from root to tips. The instruction provided on the packaging is vague and I did not find it sufficient for first time users.
Blow dry is a must after applying which I think is not a plus point for me. I found it weighs down my hair instantly after applying it but once I blow-dry it adds volume to my hair. My hair feels bouncy and looks tamed and there were no signs of frizzyness and fly-a ways. If a blower is not used, it does nothing to your hair. It does not provide any conditioning to the hair. Once the hair is set it stays all day until you wash again. The product comes in a long bottle and will last for a really long time even if you style your hair regularly.
The best part of using this product is that:
  1. It adds volume to hair.
  2. Make your hair bouncy and shiny when used with a drier.
  3. Also with the given quantity it can last for a long time.
Overall this product will work well for you if you are familiar with hair styling and style your hair regularly. The product give a good and strong hold and adds good volume to your hair once set. All in all it’s a good product to make your hair look bouncy.