Old fashion comeback Old Trends That Everyone Is Wearing Again

Fashion is always evolving. It is always growing in some way or the other. Fashion never quite fades away. It comes back to us, sometimes in new and fun ways, other times not so much. Fashion is cyclical, and what was old will almost certainly become new again. Fashion Trends have definitely come a long way. We will be and are experiencing a revival of the popular fashion styles from our past. And so you see, Old School Fashion has a way of coming back. There are many styles that have resurfaced in the runway every now and then and also on the red carpet.

Fashion gets repeated over and over again because it works in a cycle the only best possible way to explain it is that these cycle of fashion are divided into two classes

Long Run time frame-This cycle frame can be long as 30-50 years i.e its keeps on going for a long duration. Short run time frame- This frame is small i.e time period till which the fashion last is 5-10 years.

The impacting Factors of the fashion trend are-

  • Consumer acceptance and desire
  • Economic acceptance
  • Adaptations
  • Marketing techniques
  • Persuasion
  • fashion leaders
  • Media
  • Celebrities

A trend comes in, goes viral and exactly when it seems to be a forever fashion trend, it disappears. Years later, that same trend comes back. Or rather, comes back with a Bang and the fashion industry falls for it. Again!

 Let’s get into the fashion that has made a comeback From the 60’s

Psychedelic Florals


Sure, classic and feminine is still cool, but for 2020, the floral print is getting a small makeover. Options will be full of bright, vibrant colors and appear more abstract, giving outfits a groovy little twist.

Ruffled blouses


Much like shoulder pads, ruffles were big (in size and popularity) in the 80s. Ruffle blouses are back from the 80’s but are in more subtle form.

Ripped Denim


This one makes a comeback every now & then.  In the 80s, every pair of jeans had the knees blown out, and now things are swinging back in that direction.

Wide Leg pants


 No one get wrong when it comes to wide leg pants. Wide leg pants are still in demand and very much in trend


This is one such print that never get out of the fashion. It’s so fresh looking all the time This print may be whimsical and slightly in-your-face, but that doesn’t mean it’s tough to style.  To balance it out you can opt for solid colored  itmes or you can also pair it with stripes and zebra print.

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