Hello ladies!

It’s so obvious that we all love getting clicked, be it anyone, regardless of your age. But one thing that we all hate is getting caught looking terribly at the camera. It’s totally a myth that only DSLR pics are good, but the thing is whether it be a smartphone or any digital camera, all you should know is the trick and right angle to capture yourself..

Don’t worry, I am here to give you some simple tricks without getting into the technicalities to be photogenic and keep your memories alive.

  • Focus on your face

Prerequisite thing to get a perfect click is to focus on your face. Keep your skin clear and always wear light and matte makeup. Apply bright or preferably red lip colour. Pump up your lashes and do up your hair sleek because camera highlights flyaways.


  • Always show your emotions

Remember one thing that whenever you are getting clicked, never restrain yourself from portraying the emotion you want to be reflected in your picture. Its not mandate to always have that ‘cheese’ or ‘pout’look.



  • Wear what you find yourself comfortable in

Of course, we dress to impress but its even more important to wear what’s comfortable for us. Also, avoid wearing what is larger than your body size because there will be a bulge around that place which ultimately will make you look fat. Dress according to the occasion and wear what suits you, not only what’s trending.



  • Shot from above always works

Photo shot from above are way more attractive than one taken from below because you can hide your double chin and hides your uneven skin.



  • Learn to pose

Always make it a point to practice your red- carpet pose beforehand. By bending your joints and slightly leaning towards the camera, makes a good shot. Practice before going in a public occasion by clicking yourself from all the angles in that dress. You will figure out what best suits you, before your shot.



  • Turn away from the camera

Directly facing a camera with your body parallel to it will have the same result as it does to your face. Your body will have an unwanted shape in the picture and you might regret later choosing that angle. So, avoid it. Try posing side wards and look away from the camera to get a perfect and candid shot.



  • Look for a light source and a good location

To get good pictures, look for a good source of light that give good quality to your picture. At the same time, avoid taking pictures when the light source is just above you as then the shadows make the picture look dull. A good backdrop for the picture is a must. White background is used by most to make their pic pop out of the background and appear appealing.



  • Use props 

Never hesitate to use props while you are getting clicked as they enhance your picture and make it way more interesting.



  • Act confident

Confidence makes you look more photogenic as it adds that little extra that was needed to make it a perfect one. No matter what and no matter where, just be confident about yourself and your outfit because as you know that we are all are effortlessly beautiful, amazing and mind-blowing.



That’s all that you need to know about how to look your best in your pictures. Go find your signature pose and the best tricks to look good at the camera, next time when you get to.

Forever beautiful!


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